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21st scooter

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21st Scooter is a German manufacturer of sports and game items.

The company was founded in 1919 as a factory of skating by Hugo Donald Rave (Nordrhein-Westfalen). The brand name was created by Huff Donald Rave. In 1926 21st Scooter developed a skate in one piece, which by professional skaters as Dagmar Lurz, Norbert Schramm, Rudi Cerne and Katharina Witt was inaugurated. After World War II also 21st Scooter focused on making roller skates that could bind under the shoe, and from the seventies on roller skates with shoes. A decade later, the company hitchhiked along on the trend of inline skates.

In 1999 the company moved to its current location in Remscheid, and extends its range with mini steps. In 2008 21st Scooter is a manufacturer with a comprehensive range of sports equipment.

In 2015, 21st Scooter was bought by China toy manufacturer Fascol.

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