7 Top Scootering Safety Tips From Fascol

Scootering Fun For All!

Scooters are always popular with children of all ages from tots to teens and it’s amazing how quickly they take to it! Kids have energy to burn so a bright and dazzling Fascol scooter is the perfect gift and there are plenty to choose from for any age from 24 months to 17 years old. Whether you’re looking for a standard scooter or a pack-away travel style for vacations there’s something for everyone.

All children love scooters, whizzing down the street whooping with delight and learning how to negotiate twists and turns.  However, it’s important to keep your child safe on his or her scooter.  Before making a scooter purchase you should think about buying the right one for your child and it’s best to take note of Fascol’s top scooter safety tips.  Fascol is the leading retailer of scooter products and scooter accessories for all ages and a brand you can trust.  All the scooters are tried and tested to make sure they perform properly and provide a high quality scootering experience.  Your child might use a scooter to get to and from school, for leisure at the weekends or to take away on vacation but whatever the use, it’s best to be safe always.

Scootering Fun For All!

  • Use Scooter Protection

When you buy a scooter always look for a suitable helmet, knee, elbow and hand pads.  Parents worry about children falling off scooters but the reality is they shouldn’t hurt themselves if they are well protected.  It’s best to try a helmet out before you buy as every child has a different head size.  Make sure the helmet fits snuggly without being too tight but equally you don’t want a helmet which wobbles!  Encourage your child to wear their helmet by letting them choose the colour they want and why not give them a fun activity to do and buy lots of stickers so they can decorate their own? This really personalises the helmet wearing experience! Remember, kids grow so as soon as that helmet looks too small or the strap is too tight, replace it. Buy pads for elbows, and buy special gloves to protect the palms of your child’s hands.  These safety pads are easy to pack away because they don’t take up much room and if your child does fall off their scooter, they won’t hurt themselves if suitably protected.

Always make your child wear a suitable helmet
Always make your child wear a suitable helmet
  • Make Sure Your Child Is Visible

Helmets are important for other reasons too – a brightly coloured helmet is highly visible.  Make sure your child can be seen by other people and cyclists. Perhaps dress them in bright colours or in a safety vest.

  • Use The Right Shoes

Flip flops, backless or Croc type shoes aren’t suitable for scootering.  It’s best to put your child in comfortable trainers with good grip.  Think about it carefully, the scooter is positioned quite close to the ground so if something gets trapped in their shoe or scratches their foot they risk discomfort.  Definitely avoid open shoes.  It’s best to buy something with ankle support and which won’t slip.  Never let your child scooter barefoot.

Make Your Child Wear Suitable Footwear!

  • Buy The Right Size Scooter

Don’t just go and buy a scooter!  Check your child will fit it.  Not all scooters are suitable.  At Fascol our scooters are designed for different ages and height.  This is very important, a scooter that’s too big for your child will be uncomfortable to use and your child might not reach the handle bars correctly.  Think about your child’s weight too.  A good example for a child of 4+ is the Fascol Surfing Baby Scooter which is compact and colourful.  It’s recommended for children weighing up to 132 lb and comes with added safety features such as rubber grip handles, flexible handbrake and rear brake.

  • Teach Your Child To Stop Their Scooter

Any child can get on a scooter and race off but of course, they need to be able to stop!  This is vital for scooter safety especially if your child uses a scooter to and from school.  Before letting them out in the open, practice with them in an enclosed area, your garden, back yard or the park is fine.  Show them how to use the brakes and practice an “emergency stop!” When you feel they are capable of doing this confidently you can start using the sidewalk and pavements around you.

  • Re-evaluate The Scooter Size

Every few months, check the scooter is still suitable for your child.  Children grow…fast!  This is why it’s important to make sure you have the right size. If the scooter too small your child will be hunched over the handlebars which could strain their back.  The Fascol Flashing Wheel Scooter is ideal for children up to age 17 and is a sturdy product which can carry up to 70kg comfortably.  It’s made out of aluminium and comes with an adjustable handlebar so grows with your child. This means you don’t need to buy a new scooter every few months.  The Flashing Wheel Scooter comes with additional benefits too; shock absorbing wheels, brakes and it comes with gel knee and elbow pads.

Get The Right Scooter Size

  • Check The Scooter For Wear and Tear

Check your child’s scooter regularly to make sure there is no aggressive wear and tear.  Of course, every scooter will have some wear and tear but if you purchase a quality product it should last your child for a long time especially if it is height adjustable.  The Fascol products are anti abrasive and built using premium materials.  The Fascol Push Swivel Scooter is ideal for children from age 3 to 15 years old and has adjustable handlebar with four different settings so it’s built to last.  Made out of heavy duty steel it is equipped to deal with bumps and knocks without deteriorating.

So when you’re making an important scooter purchase, do bear in mind the Fascol safety tips.  Always choose a product from a brand you can trust and look for something which guarantees durability, strength, safety and performance.

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