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I watch a video on youtude which make me stock, so I want to share it with you ,please read this video patiently,because you can see the cool scenarios in video of the late.

This video was filmed by a mother, she recorded the whole process about her son training scooter, her son is a  persistent boy, I admire his brave, he was always fall down when he was training, in fact, if he did not  play some special technique, he will not fall down, but he was not afraid of fall down, he will stand up and did it again after he fall each time. besides, after training, he was so tired, but he did not complain about his mother, just rest on the sofa and restore vitality quickly. I think his spirit is worth a lot of children to learn. what’s more, I admire the mom, she know the importance of outdoor activities,such as play scooter, ride bicycle etc.

Often inactive people tend to decreased immunity,easy to infected by bacteria, regular exercise not only can make children’s bones more robust, but also can promote metabolism, increase appetite. More exercise can enhance immunity, improve the children’s ability to adapt to changes in ambient temperature, and thus rarely get sick. Meanwhile, the outdoor exercise can increase the chance of the baby to contact with the community, in touch with nature, so that the baby will increase their knowledge and broaden their minds! So the parents should try to spend more time with the children to do exercise, enhance the children’s body, which not only can deepen the parent-child affection, but also the baby can develop a love of exercise habits from an early age, it benefits the baby a lifetime. The boy in the video was so outstanding is dependent on the mother’s encouragement and teach,

Boy in bed with thermometer in mouth

On the one hand, his success because of his spirit,on the other hand, his success depends on his scooter. you want to play scooter very well, a good scooter is the key. only when you have a best scooter,can you play it all the time. because scooter is your partner when you train it and gradually there is a tacit understanding between you and your scooter because you Accustomed to using your own scooter. I believe most people have this habit, so it is very important to purchase a high quality scooter.

fascol is a scooter brand, all kinds of scooter are the best of scooter. before sale each scooter, fascol must test ahead of schedule and attach the trial report, only high quality scooter can be sold on the site. in addition, the products of fascol can ensure the safety of children, it is not easy fall down when you play some simple action. of course, If you want to train some of difficult movements, will surely fall, but won’t let you get hurt from fall,  the scooter is relatively stable. so if you want your child become a person like the boys in the video, you should click on the url: fascol and buy a scooter for your child!

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