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scooter of fascol

A kids scooter that is definitely bound to make one feel the thrill and joy of freedom. It’s every parents dream to see their kids happy. And, they would go to any extend to make that happen.

Even long before their arrival itself, couples start the preparation of introducing them to this whole new world with lots of fun material and toys. Will be running helter-skelter trying to find the best thing out there, and never would be satisfied with just one. And finally, when that day arrives, its like an treat which they long cherished to receive. Their naughtiness, that smile, the innocence, and those gleaming eyes is sure to melt anybody’s heart. And, there is an sense of responsibility that comes. You do realize the fact that now rest of your life revolves around them. You will care for them more, love them, and nurture them like no other, and would even go that extra mile in buying things that makes them happy and satisfied.




Yeah, its true that you cannot satisfy them all the time. And, kids tend to be mischievous. After so much crying and persuading, when they do get that one thing which they so long dreamed of, its something else for them after a while. And, as age passes by or as they grow older the interest and desire also changes.




But Fascol products are tailored in such a manner that it can be enjoyed by babies (as young as 2 years old), kids, and teenagers alike. Because its an fun ride we are offering, and that is what we are manufacturing.  A sweet ride that can be taken to your vacation spot, parks, colleges, or schools. If you check our Brand Story you will come to know as to why we are so committed in helping you out. A firm that is based out in China, we are having an strong presence in Europe as well.

And, Fascol has been a brand name that has become synonymous with every major household in China. Offering top class quality kids toys at affordable & convenient price. And, the brand believe in creating a strong bond between couples & their kids through the products. And let me remind you, kids love adventure and outdoor activity. When you see them playing and having fun, you yourself would want to get on one of this and feel the excitement. And, this is an ride that would always remain as an sweet memory for everyone to cherish. There is an saying that goes:

Its not what you buy, but what the kids would love to see you buy that matter





And, we are here to create that sweet memory, adventure, and freedom in the minds, by manufacturing products that are of top quality, fun, engaging, strong, durable, and appealing to the eyes. We want kids to be satisfied with what we have to offer. And at Fascol, quality is given prime importance. Our products are made of supreme material. And, we manufacture various types of toys specifically tailored to meet the needs of kids of various age groups.

We have also introduced children scooter with flashing lights as well.  A steady, safe, and fun design that is appealing as well as interesting. Believe me, kids are going to love this one. And, they would always have that curiosity to try it out. A must have gift for any child aged 4 and older.




So, how you as an parent are going to benefit by buying this product?

  1. Its durable, long lasting, and supports 132 pounds. Which means, there is absolutely no wear and tear that will happen. And, the products are manufactured using premium material.
  2. Speaking about safety, there is flexible handbrake and rear brake that will provide control and safety.
  3. Has comfortable rubber grip handles
  4. Quality assured, and its worth the price
  5. Its anti-abrasive with quite ride tyres.

And, how kids are going to benefit-

  1. It is an easy and comfortable ride that lets them experience and explore the world out there.
  2. A very fun & stylish design, specifically engineered for street and park riding.
  3. Suitable for kids, babies, and teens alike from 4 years and over.

Customers can also check out the various range of tricycles that is on offer. And, they are all of top quality that is appealing, engaging, and affordable.

And, even though having an scooter is always fun and appealing, its always best to understand certain safety precautions that needs to be adhered to. You can check out the blogs related to that. It would give an clear understanding about how the kids should go about riding it. After all, we want our kids to be safe and sound in the end. No matter what they do or where they travel, there safety is of utmost importance.

And Fascol’s various range of toys are tried and tested by an large number of satisfied customers. Look at  Fascol Customers Selfie Collections

And, rest assured that your kids are in safe hands. As they are with an top brand. A favourite kids brand that is only focused on providing quality products to kids and families alike.

So why the hassle? Why wait any longer? Order now and let your children enjoy a free ride they always dreamed off.


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