Backpack Diaper Bag Buying Tips

We truly believe that backpack diaper bags are the best thing ever!  A diaper bag that leaves you with both hands free to hold baby.  Life is so much easier when you can have two hands instead of one.  No longer will you have a bag that slips down your arm when you bend over to pick up something.  Backpack diaper bags are comfy, spacious and great for organisation!

It can be tricky to weave through all the millions of diaper bags that are currently on the market.  So whilst you decide which bag you might be after, here are a few handy hints and tips that might help you.


What to Look for:

  1. Try to find a bag that has loads of pockets for organisation.  Ideally you want a bag that has space for not only bubby’s goodies but that also has special ‘mommy’ pockets for all your gear!
  2. A bag that has a plastic lining on the inside will make life easier when spills occur.
  3. Try to go for zip closures as they truly are the best kind.  And avoid magnet closures and Velcro at all costs!
  4. Make sure that the backpack diaper bag is comfy to carry around.  Find one that has padded shoulder straps, a padded back area together with a mesh lining to allow for breathability.
  5. Make sure that the bag is pretty lightweight whilst empty.


Additional Bonus Features:

Consider the following features BONUS features, but not necessarily a necessity.

  • Changing Pad
  • Special Wipe Container and Pocket
  • Stroller Straps
  • A Wet Bag
  • A Convertible One Shoulder Strap


Try it on if you can:

If you can get to a baby shop, do make sure to try the bag on to see how the bag sits on your shoulders.  Is it the right size and is it comfy?  We are all built differently and just because a bag is comfy for me does not mean that you will find it equally as comfortable.

Once you have seen the bag in the shops, try to resist buying it from there and instead order it online as you will almost always find the same bag at a much better price online!


Buy Two Bags:

Consider buying two diaper bags, especially if both parents will be taking baby out and about!  A small bag will work really well if you need to hop over for something quick, whilst a larger bag that is packed with detailed care will be needed for day trips or even for holidays.  I love leaving one of the bags in the boot of my car whilst the other one generally travels along with my pram.


Trying to find the perfect bag can be truly tricky!  If you are wondering which backpack is the right backpack for you, we truly suggest you head over to the The Best Backpack Diaper Bag website where you will find comprehensive, in depth and honest reviews of various backpack diaper bags.  They make life easy for you and with their help you will be able to find the perfect diaper bag for you and your needs!

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