Best Children Kids Ride-on Toy Brands in Germany – Ultimate Version 2017

To save the time of German parents picking out the best baby ride-on toys online, we collect almost all the children product brands in Germany and other shops that ships product to Germany.  This article will be the final step of children/kids/baby product choosing.



It is one of the best seller in Germany. Many German had tries it’s product and introduct it to their friend for the
incredible high quality product. One of the German mums bought a Hudora scooter and her child play with it for 5 years. By the way, their product is creative.hudora

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Bestseller Shop für Kinderwagen, Reisegepäck & Schulranzen

This is one of the greatest Germany brands to choose your baby product and get the product with fast delivery. It provide all kinds of baby strollers and trikes. If you wish to find a native person, you’re in the the right place.

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A profession sports product brand for children/kids and adult. Tretroller Yedoo Alloy is one of its master piece. This is brand specialized in adult and youngster bike or bicycle.

energetic fun yedoo

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This is also a great brand in baby scooter field. Founded in 2014 by experts with more than 20 years of experience in the riding industry, the Globber brand has quickly established itself as a key player in the scooter’s market,
in both children and adults ranges. My Free 4 in 1 is one of its award winning most original and creative scooter for baby between 2 year old to 5 year old.

My Free 4 in 1

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Space scooter shop sells advanced premium scooters powered by electricity.

Space Scooter® X 580, weiß » Space Scooter® X 580, schwarz » Space Scooter® X 580, pink » Space Scooter® X 580, blau » 

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It selles most daily use products, including children bicycle, scooters and so on. It’s also a great place to get the scooter with it’s 24online service.

Kinderspielzeug Nachtsichtgerät Covert Force- für Kinder ab 6 Jahren

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This is a brand in Germany who sells toys cars. Its toys cars are powered by parents when baby rides on it.




Little trikes for 1-4 year old kids. Its trikes are cheap, which makes it competitive. However, it’s not comfortable and the design’s poor. A good mum will consider a better one like Fascol.

cheap ride on toys for children

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insportline Fahrräder für Jungen Fahrräder für Mädchen Fahrräder für Mädchen Laufräder für Kinder Laufräder für Kinder Kinderfahrräder 12" Kinderfahrräder 12" Kinderfahrräder 14" Kinderfahrräder 14" Kinderfahrräder 16" Kinderfahrräder 16" Kinderfahrräder 20" Kinderfahrräder 20" Jugendfahrräder 24" Jugendfahrräder 24" Jugendfahrräder 26" Jugendfahrräder 26"

This shop mainly sells bikes for boys and girl. Suitable for Age 2-12 year old children.

Kinderfahrräder und Jugendfahrräder Wählen Sie die Unterkategorie Fahrräder für Jungen Fahrräder für Jungen Fahrräder für Mädchen Fahrräder für Mädchen Laufräder für Kinder Laufräder für Kinder Kinderfahrräder 12" Kinderfahrräder 12" Kinderfahrräder 14" Kinderfahrräder 14" Kinderfahrräder 16" Kinderfahrräder 16" Kinderfahrräder 20" Kinderfahrräder 20" Jugendfahrräder 24" Jugendfahrräder 24" Jugendfahrräder 26" Jugendfahrräder 26"

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A German shop provides all kinds of children products like trikes for sale, tricycle style bicycle and so on. Hundreds of products for choosing.

Dreirad Liliput DDR Liliput Nachbau ZoomansichtZoomansichtZoomansichtZoomansicht

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This grocery store has all kind of stuffs in stock. We checked all the product including smart trikes, its trikes has no inflatable wheels and the seat is of low class and uncomfortable to sit on for baby.

SmarTrike® Dreirad mit abnehmbarem Sonnenschutz, »Glow Touch Steering® 4 Trikes in 1 blau« € 99,99

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The collection of all the kids trike brands. Some are cheap, some are expensive with high quality.

Puky CAT S2 Ceety rot (2493) 0 Meinungen Altersempfehlung ab (Jahren) 2.0 Jahre Farbe rot, schwarz Funktionen Handbremse, grö



bike box

This is a bike shop in Germany. It mainly sells mountain bikes, but also sells baby strollers with 3 wheels. In general, the strollers always have 4 wheels. It’s apperance smells plain but pratical.

Mountain Buggy Nano V2 2016 travel stroller Babyjogger / Kinderwagen Produktbeschreibung Der Mountain Buggy Nano ist der perfekte Kinderwagen für Eltern, die gerne und viel Reisen. Er ist leicht und lässt sich mit nur einem Handgriff zum kleinen Gepäckstück zusammenklappen. Selbst der Autositz (Babyschale) passt auf den Nano.




A creative children riding toy shop

Design PUKY® have a high-quality and well thought-out design which is both trendy and, at the same, safe and suitable for children.




This frogbike shop sells frog bikes. Light weight bikes for children and teenagers only. Cool design.

Tadpole $210(excluding delivery) View range Size guide Tech spec General Info The perfect lightweight balance bike to get young children started on two wheels. Suitable for riders aged 2-3 years with a minimum inside leg of 12" (31cm).




Below is what they sells: Glide balance bike for toddler





This shop sells this trike only. Sturdy and cool appearance.

PLAY GOES RIGHT TO THE BRAIN Motor skillsCreativitySocial skillsMotor skillsCreativitySocial skills The human brain uses the body to recognise the world around us. So, when children play and have fun, it’s serious business; they are actually hard at work, learning. Fortunately, children love to play and use their bodies naturally. Winther specialises in manufacturing quality trikes and bikes for children that help develop their physical and motor skills.



Smart Trike

Smart trike is a children trike brand.  Though the trike’s quality is plain, it’s marketing is outstanding. By the way, it’s wheel is not inflatable while Fascol is.



Little tikes

In fact, little trike does not mainly sell little trikes now. They have an affection in providing customers with lean to turn with removable handle now.

littletrike20170106144733 Lean to Turn Scooter with Removable Handle - Orange and BlueSort by: 5-in-1 Deluxe Ride & Relax® Recliner Trike 5-in-1 Deluxe Ride & Relax® Recliner Trike $119.99 3.9 Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike - Teal Perfect Fit™ 4-in-1 Trike - Teal $99.99 4.5 4-in-1 Trike Deluxe Edition - Neon Pink 4-in-1 Trike Deluxe Edition - Neon Pink $109.99




The ultimate in a 3 wheel scooter this has been a favourite amongst kids and mums alike since it first burst into the UK about 8 or 9 years ago. The cost of the scooter is pretty high in comparison with others in this range but having owned one of these we certainly vouch for its strength and endurance. They also have a pretty good resale value so if you keep it indoors then you should be able to re-coop some of your cash once your children have out grown it. The mini micro is super light weight so very easy to handle and carry around once your child has had enough. Now available in a range of colours and with limited editions too if you are looking for something a little bit different from the norm. Micro now also do a range of added accessories for their scooters including bags, bells, lights and pull along cords. The only negative about this scooter is that it doesn’t fold so can be a little tricky to store.

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A famous France baby product product company. They already worked with many famous brands such as Tomy, Lamaze, Vtech, Crayola, Giotto, Lilliputiens, Janod, Vilac, Fisher Price and many others and they are able to sell more than 2000 products in just 7 days. France is next to Germany so they are able to deliver the product to Germany as well.

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Razor are an Americans scooter brand and with their Mixi model we believe that they have come up trumps with a model that spans a wide age range. The Mixi is a three wheeled scooter stable enough for younger pre school riders and those just learning to ride a scooter. However, the unique selling point with the Mixi scooter is that you are able to remove both the back wheels and then reattach one wheel in the middle of the back of the deck, transforming the scooter into a 2 wheel scooter. We love this feature because if could end up saving you from having to buy 2 scooters.

The Mixi is available in 2 colours, blue or pink and the deck on this model is extra wide providing enough space for little feet. With an RRP of £40 we think this one really offers top value for money.

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Double front or back wheels?

We believe that there is a massive difference between scooters that have 2 wheels at the front compared with those that have the 2 wheels at the back. Having bought both types, and watched my children riding, the flaw instantly becomes obvious. If you have the double wheels at the back of the scooter then there is a real tendency for your child to kick these wheels every time they push themselves along the floor. This can lead to the scooter coming to an abrupt stop or even worse your child tipping right over the handle bars. For this reason we favour the designs where the double wheels are at the front and the single wheel at the back. This ensures that when your child kicks off the area at the sides of the scooter is clear right through the reach of their legs.


Whichever 3 wheel scooter you decide to buy for your child we hope they have great fun on it. Scooters for kids are a great way to help you children enjoy the great outdoors. If your child is ready for a 2 wheel scooter why not check out our Best Childrens Scooters (ages 5-8).


Different Steering

One point to also consider however is that many of the 3 wheel scooter brands, that position the double wheels at the front have a slightly different steering mechanism. Rather than turning the handle bars to either the left or the right in order to move the wheels, as you would do on a bike, these scooters work with a type of lean and tilt function. If your child leans their weight on the right side of the handlebars the whole upright bar will tilt a fraction to the right side and in turn the wheels begin to turn right too. This is a much more subtle form of steering though it does mean that some speed is needed in-order to turn corners depending on the sharpness of the bend. Your kid may take some time to get used to it but once they have adjusted and because there is less of a chance of any aggressive or unexpected turning of the bars they should find this type of scooter helps to build their riding confidence.


Other Brands:

Conclusion: Not a famous brand is suitable for your baby, but the proper product is suitable for your baby.

Fascol is not a well-known brand but he’s serious about his product,  52345 trikes already sold so far, winning 52345 satisfied cutomers.

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