What is the best kids scooter guide in 2018?

the best kids scooter guide in 2018

In 2017 Holiday season,  more and more parents choose the Fascol Children scooter as the Christmas gift, Even exceeded our expectations.🙈🙈 Do you think the Kids scooters look super-fun? At least the kids think so. 🧒👧In addition, they are good, healthy and wholesome enjoyable. it will make your child like outdoor activities and stay away from the screen.


Is easy to choose a scooter? What kind of scooter is suitable for your child? Does your kid require a 2 wheel/3 wheel scooter? What is the stunt scooter? … Before you buy a scooter, there should be a variety of questions in your heart.

Fear not~~~

You will find the answer in this guide and it only takes you a few minutes to get clued up. 😉😉

First, I’d like to briefly introduce the type of the usual children scooter

1⃣ 3-wheel scooter: it is the ideal scooter for toddlers and younger beginners. Equipped with a rear wheel and two front wheels, some rear wheels are single and some are double wheels. Its biggest advantage is stability and security, but need to cost of a little speed. This is why they are the best scooter for toddlers and most of the parents choose them as the first scooter for children. The leading brand is the Fascol

2⃣ 2-wheel scooter: As the name implies, it has only two wheels. These are generally better for older kids with a well-developed sense of balance. its materials are usually metal and more durable, so it can reach faster speeds and take more weight. it is very popular with 6-10 years old school children who just to enjoy the fun of scooting.The leading brand is  Micro Kickboard 

3⃣ Stunt scooter: it is also known as the Pro scooter, a special 2-wheeled scooter, designed for stunt riding. It has a higher quality requirement and a higher requirement for the physical quality of the child. The main characteristic of the stunt scooter is the wide “T” handle, Greater stability can be provided when riding on a skateboard ramp, allowing riders to perform various techniques and flips. The leading brand is the MGP

4⃣ Electric scooter: The electric scooter is a good means of transportation, without the need for children to drive with their bodies, driven by rechargeable batteries and electric motors, so children won’t get much exercise. The electric scooter is heavier than kick scooter, and the wheels are generally bigger. Although it is more difficult to store and transport, its heavy body weight makes them more stable. besides, it is generally more expensive. The leading brand is the Razor

How to choose the right scooter?

  1. How old is your child?
  2. What materials are made up of the parts of a scooter?
  3. Why does your child want to play a scooter?( it means that they just for fun or for learning professional skills)

Let’s see how these factors affect.

Select a scooter according to age

Age is the most important consideration, Often, clients ask, my kid is XX years old, which scooter is right for my baby? For your child’s fun and safety,  ride an age-appropriate scooter is very important.

*⃣ Toddler: In general, Toddlers and very young children are just learning to walk. You should choose a scooter with high stability. the 3-wheeled scooter is the best because they are the most stable and don’t go fast. it is an ideal gift for all the beginner sliding enthusiasts, help them to learn and develop balance and confidence. The Fascol DIY splicing scooter is a good model for the toddler. It combines Lego elements with a scooter. Not only can exercise children but also can promote parent-child interaction. Plus, the Micro Mini 3 in1 Deluxe Kick Scooter is also very suitable for toddlers, This scooter comes with a seat, the toddler can sit on the seat and sliding. 

Italian boy with his favorite toy scooter and giraffe 

*⃣ 4-12 years old children: There are many choices for children in this age group, they can choose a scooter according to their own preferences. Children over 4 years old are better at stability and balance, So whether it’s two wheels or a three-wheel scooter, they can handle it. In contrast, the 3-wheel scooter is more stable, therefore, most of Fascol’s scooters are three wheels. However, Many children like the 2-wheel scooter, they enjoy the passion of speed. You can make a choice based on the skills of the child. if your child is a beginner to learn to scoot. Without hesitation, choose 3-wheel scooter, security is the most important. The 2-wheel scooters are more suitable for children over 7 years of age.

*⃣ Teens: Older children can use pro scooter and electric scooter, but don’t give them the adult scooter, not in line with their circle. It’s based on their preferences, if your kid is serious about scooting (or would like to be), or if they have a social group of friends who are “into” scooting, it’s obvious that the pro is the best option. For teenagers, let them choose themselves. They have enough autonomy and independence. 

Selection based on material

The main explanation is the kicking scooter:

🎈 Handlebar: Anti-skid rubber material is better, anti-slip can help children better grasp the handlebars, the rubber is softer and more comfortable. 

🎈 Frame: The scooter is generally a metal frame, The Fascol’s scooters are Aluminum material, more sturdy and more durable.

🎈 Pedal: The new eco-friendly PP plastic, no variegated, more robust, safe anti-slip design. 

🎈 Wheel: PU damping flashing wheel is best. Size can be based on children’s preferences, but the widened wheel is more stable, better ground grip, all kids are like the flashing. 

ruota flash in acciao magnetico

🎈 Brake: The brake cover must be fitted with a piece of iron, According to the customers’ experience, The brake covers without a piece of iron that will eventually break through long friction. 


For fun VS For stunt

Children who like to occasionally play scooter in parks or schools can be quite different from those who like stunt and trick riding.


🔸 For fun: The common kick scooter is ok,  at this time the main reference factor is the child’s age and hobby. 

🔸 For stunt: If your child is getting into pro/stunt scooting, there’s only one option: stunt scooter. Because stunt riding is a professional sport, it involves a range of techniques, stunts, and jumps. This kind of scooter is provided by some specific brands, such as MGP, Razor, Envy.

‼ Warning ‼

Wear protective gear when riding a scooter



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