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This is a big announcement,  In order to thanks all Fascol customer,  Fascol is going to offering an unprecedented 50% off on the children toys.  All children toys on the website just need 8.99€-9.99€.✌✌Time is limited, don’t miss this chance.  Come to get the toys belongs to your kids.

1.Children Multifunctional Animal Fly Chess <8.99>

How delightful it is to play chess with playmates

  • Suitable for children over 3 years old, the development of baby intelligence
  • Cute animal design, give your baby unlimited fun
  • Choose your favorite animals, start the game
  • Strengthening awareness of the baby on the color and cartoon
  • Several people play together, increase interaction

2. Children Building Blocks < 9.99>

Allowing children to play their imagination freely can greatly help children’s intellectual development

  • From the selection of materials to processing, adhering to the natural environment, care of the baby grow
  • The water-soluble pigments, the EU standard, non-irritating odor, feel smooth, not the hand injured
  • Bring your baby colors, shapes and numbers to recognize the awareness
  • Bead playing, the hands and eyes need to bind, you can train muscle strength
  • Modeling diverse, creativity game baby and fantasy

3. Children small drawing board portable tear board <8.99>

Crayons add a lot of color to our life, preparing a drawing board for your children so that they can draw the most beautiful colors in their hearts

  • Selected imported wood, health, and environmental protection
  • European standard children’s color, water-soluble pigments
  • Black and white double-sided magnetic drawing board, can be fixed white paper painting
  • Portable design, baby can draw at any time
  • Parents can accompany children to pull together, to increase the interaction

4. Matching Building Blocks <9.99>

Very useful toys to help preschoolers learn numbers and graphics

  • Understanding the graphics used to set up the mathematical basis of the child
  • Wood materials, non-toxic, light, small size for easy storage
  • combined brain and hand use is conducive to the development of children’s creativity
  • You can also learn while playing, maintain skills to critical thinking
  • Let the child have a preliminary geometric concept

5. Frog Domino 100 Grain <9.99>

Let the children learn in play, feel the pleasure of learning

  • Help children recognize letters and numbers
  • Help colors and improve imagination, improve the ability of kids
  • A gift that will help your child learn to respect and learn to play
  • Eye combined with the hand and brain is conducive to the child’s operation and intelligence development
  • Its volume is: 18 x 18 x 18cm, a total of 100 stones


6. Kids Toys Creative Construction Stacking <9.99>

This toy can enhance the interaction between you and your child,With the help of parents, the kids can create a unique model based on their imagination

  • Made of high-quality ABS material, non-toxic, no smell.
  • Smooth edge, protects little hands.
  • Can be built arbitrarily, exercise child’s coordination ability.
  • Boost parents-children relationship while playing together.
  • Boost early math & color recognizing skills.


Educational toys are often very popular with parents because children can develop intelligence in entertainment. These 6 toys may be your best choice if you haven’t prepared puzzle toys for your lovely children

The most important thing is that you can enjoy an unprecedented 50% off discount now. 


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