Top five unique Father’s day gifts

father's day gift

With all the fuss made of Mums for Mother’s Day, it is all the more important to scribble this date in your diary; Sunday 18th June is the chance for your family to celebrate Father’s Day. In the UK, Father’s Day is always held on the third Sunday of June and is a day to honour […]

Parenting Tips for the Lazy

So I’ve learned a couple of things over the years I’ve had the pleasure of parenting. This is a quick blog to share with you some practical tips for parenting – ways to maximise time and minimise energy. Buy a wall calendar. If you’re super clever and super organised get a 1-year calendar. But at […]

Have you prepared a meaningful activity for 2017 Children’s day?


Children’s Day is coming soon. Happy Children’s day to all the lovely children. Have you prepared a fantastic holiday gift or an interesting activity for upcoming Children’s Day? The children should have expected to the holiday for very long time. Everyone who has kids with lots of playthings, as well as Barbie, dolls constantly discover […]

How You Can Clean An Infant Stroller Instead Of Just Throwing It Away

The moment of happiness

Strollers obtain so gross. Particularly if you have a toddler. Assume recently’s pizza, today’s milk, plus that chilly they have, as well as all of it adds up to “ew.” When you think about it, you understand you have not cleaned it in a while. Yet I could tell you ways to clean up an […]

Ride & Roll All the Way There with the Fascol Ride-on Case!

This is Izebellas new travel case. Not only can she put her clothes and bits inside but can also pull and ride on it just like a toy. The case comes from Fascol who also sell toddler scooters amongst other items for the little ones. Izebellas case of course comes in her favorite color of a bright deep […]

Why Don’t the Fascol Flashing Wheels Shine or Flash

1.If the wheels do not flash when the customer has just received the goods, there are two possible reasons: (1).  the speed is too slow because the wheel can not light normally when you ride slowly, At this time you can manually detect the wheels-quickly turn the wheel by hand and see if the wheel is […]

Story Time: Scooter and Scooterette

Meet Fascol and Nancy. Two of Berlin’s most hip and chick kids. A photograph shows the duo on the day that their lives were changed from ordinary to super happy scooter and scooter-ette. On the day the two cruised to Frankfurt International School on their stylish wheels, all took notice. A magical spring time experience […]

5 Ways to Prevent Your Kid from Becoming a Back-to-School Tyrant

Sweet parent-child interaction

If you have a kid that’s prone to bullying or bossing you around, fasten your seat belts. The end of summer is here, and so are those bedazzling three little words: back-to-school. Is there another phrase that produces more excitement, dread and mass hysteria in kids? What’s beneath these over-the-top reactions? Any social situation chockfull […]