Caratteristiche principali di triciclo bambino

I tricicli di Toddler sono uno dei migliori giocattoli sul mercato. Offre ore di divertimento a loro grazie alla configurazione unica. C’è un’enorme varietà di auto elettriche e sono diverse per dimensioni e prezzi. Varia in base alla potenza e all’efficienza. Con l’aiuto della recensione del triciclo bambino, sarai in grado di scegliere l’oggetto migliore. […]

Did your baby start learning to walk yet? You need to know these cautions

There are so many miraculous firsts when it comes to babies. Watching your baby roll over for the first time; Watching your baby Laugh for the first time.; Watching your baby can catch something for the first time, etc. Walking is an important milestone in baby’s growth, if the baby hasn’t accomplished this major milestone, […]

Why Is Blue for Boys and Pink for Girls ?

kid scooter blue pink

When parents buy children gifts, color usually comes out to be a tough issue. What color should we choose? This can be a very tricky question. Blue for boys and pink for girls, that’s what we’re told. But do these gender norms reflect some inherent biological difference between the sexes, or are they just commercial’s […]

Do you wanna be a great father like Roger Federer?

Roger Federer, the greatest tennis player of all time(GOAT called by fans) just won his sixth Australian Open and 20th Grand Slam title with a five-set victory over Marin Cilic on 28th, Jan. 2018. Federer, 36, becomes the only one male player ever win 20 major singles titles. “It’s a dream come true and the […]

Parents: put your phones down and play with your children

There is one short video goes viral lately and it gets millions and millions attention for all parents. You can watch it here just below. It’s a test of how dangerous it is when parents are addicted to their smartphones and pay no attention to their kids. People can possibly abduct or kidnap your kids […]

How to choose the best Fascol scooters for your kids?

It’s 2018 right now. Many parents chose Fascol scooters as presents for their children during the past holiday season. Their supports made several of Our products become the No.1 bestseller on Amazon and eBay. We received many great reviews from our consumers all around the world. Meanwhile, we got many questions too. Most of them […]

Do you agree with the children to go to school on a scooter

Recently, I saw some news about the child rides on the scooter and was seriously injured. So some parents in Scotland are starting to stop children from walking and riding bikes/scooters to school. But, these are conflicting messages on safety. On the one hand, walking or riding a scooter to school is a sport. When children […]

Time to watch The Sound of Music again

It’s holidays season now. And I am sure many families will spend some time together on watching some classic Christmas movies like A Christmas Story, A Wonderful Life, Holidays, Love Actually and so on. But today I am recommending one special movie for you to watch this year, and that’s is The Sound of Music. […]

The Christmas review of the “DIY Splicing Scooter” from the Italy Influencer and Mom

Happy to get the DIY scooter

This article is translated by Fascol, originally written by Maria Teresa Lapenda,a mother, blogger and Ig influencer.  Today I want to talk to you in this article of the Fascol Scooter, which has designed a super safe and innovative scooter, here is the new Aurora toy! At first, I wondered if Aurora had been able to play […]