Do you agree with the children to go to school on a scooter

Recently, I saw some news about the child rides on the scooter and was seriously injured. So some parents in Scotland are starting to stop children from walking and riding bikes/scooters to school. But, these are conflicting messages on safety. On the one hand, walking or riding a scooter to school is a sport. When children […]

Time to watch The Sound of Music again

It’s holidays season now. And I am sure many families will spend some time together on watching some classic Christmas movies like A Christmas Story, A Wonderful Life, Holidays, Love Actually and so on. But today I am recommending one special movie for you to watch this year, and that’s is The Sound of Music. […]

The Christmas review of the “DIY Splicing Scooter” from the Italy Influencer and Mom

Happy to get the DIY scooter

This article is translated by Fascol, originally written by Maria Teresa Lapenda,a mother, blogger and Ig influencer.  Today I want to talk to you in this article of the Fascol Scooter, which has designed a super safe and innovative scooter, here is the new Aurora toy! At first, I wondered if Aurora had been able to play […]

What is the best kids scooter guide in 2018?

the best kids scooter guide in 2018

In 2017 Holiday season,  more and more parents choose the Fascol Children scooter as the Christmas gift, Even exceeded our expectations.🙈🙈 Do you think the Kids scooters look super-fun? At least the kids think so. 🧒👧In addition, they are good, healthy and wholesome enjoyable. it will make your child like outdoor activities and stay away from the screen. But~~~ […]

Haha, don’t hit them 🙈🙈🙈

Christmas is coming, review the “good things” children did during the year 😂 I know that was really angry at that time, but it is these things that make you helpless and angry enrich your life, parenting a child is never a simple matter. How boring life can be without these rascals. I wonder what’s inside.. […]

A Warm Story: Sweet girl Wants 60 Scooters for Other Children for Thanksgiving and Christmas

cheap scooters

The holiday season is coming and every little child is praying for great gifts and presents. But there is one wish from a little girl is very different from others and it warms everyone’s heart when people hear it, here is her story. Angela is almost 6 years old. When their parents asked her what […]

Why Scooter? 5 Benefits When Your kids Have One

boy rides on kick scooter

Scooters for children are becoming more and more popular nowadays, many parents know about this but still don’t know exactly why, before giving the answers, I wanna ask some questions first:have you noticed your kids: Doing nothing except watching TV or playing video games all day? Becoming plump day and day? Not into any popular […]

Just don’t be the sucker who pays more!

children christmas family scooter

So you booked a scooter… Now let’s get you some money back! 😉 Are you still looking for cheaper prices ❓ Like it or not, scooter prices change. Sure, you could spend hours checking prices online but why not just get better (and cheaper) while we grab you the best deal if and when it appears. […]

How to Select the Best Razor Electric Scooter for your baby

When birthdays and holidays come around, the Razor electric scooter is a present that children of all ages are more likely to need. Because the beneficent reward giver, you will need to keep in mind that there are various completely different types and that they differ in some essential methods. Earlier than making a purchase, take into […]