iPhone X ≠ kids’ Toys

best thankgiving gift for children scooter

 Why are you willing to spend time researching iPhone X? Because you are interested in electronic products. When some well-known electronics brand releases the new product, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei.Maybe you will pay attention to it for the first time. This is a normal phenomenon.as an adult, the phone may is your best friend. but […]

The day when you get a scooter, every street will turn to be a new continent to explore.


Growing up harder and harder to be happy, how do you treat the iphoneX that you’ve got, you have a happy experience of facial recognition, like a child who is surprised by the ever-changing technology. Let’s take a look at what makes people happy. Basically, happiness can be achieved in three ways: first, with expectation; […]

Innovative DIY Splicing Scooter as Christmas Gift from Parents is Launched by Fascol

fascol lego scooter

Fascol is delighted to announce the launch of its innovative and fascinating product named DIY Lego Splicing Scooter.  Fascol is focused on the design and manufacture of full line of award-winning and captivating products ranging from kid’s scooter, to tricycle, balance bike and toys and so on.   “Our team of highly talented and experienced […]


sale scooter

This is a big announcement,  In order to thanks all Fascol customer,  Fascol is going to offering an unprecedented 50% off on the children toys.  All children toys on the website just need 8.99€-9.99€.✌✌Time is limited, don’t miss this chance.  Come to get the toys belongs to your kids. 1.Children Multifunctional Animal Fly Chess <€8.99> How […]

In 2017 Halloween, Trick or Treating on Fascol?

halloween scooter

Halloween is coming soon, whether you prepare the hottest Halloween dress-up party or not, trick or treating with children is an inevitable event. This Halloween, trick or treating on a scooter will be the funniest activity. Reach more places and accumulate more booty with your fast scooter. Why Holloween on the scooter?  1.Faster Transport = a lot of sugars […]

L’avis et le test de Fascol Surfing Scooter Deluxe d’une mère France

Depuis qu’il va à l’IME et qu’il pratique là bas une activité vélo, Jajaja a décidé qu’à la maison le deux roues c’était terminé. Je ne le force pas et je sais qu’un jour il y reviendra, avec ou sans petites roues. Du coup nos balades se font à pied, mais aussi depuis à trotinette. […]

Why is the wide wheel named “Monster” by Micro Kickboard?

3 wheels kick scooter

Last week, I visited the Micro Kickboard website, its newest blog attracts me, the caption is “Wide wheels vs. standard wheels – what is the difference? Pros and cons of each?” Actually, I am also studying the difference, pros, and cons of the wide wheel and standard width wheel, so when I see the post […]

What is the best way to help children relieve back to school stress?

back to school

With the end of the summer holidays, the children are going back to school. Are your children ready to go back to school? Are they nervous about going back to school? After all, there are some kids who go to a new school for the first time. in addition, The beginning of the academic year always brings […]