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About Fascol

Fascol is dedicated to the design and manufacture of kid’s scooter, tricycle, ride-on vehicles and toys as well as items for the child’s toilet. Fascol started in China but now has subsidiaries in five European countries to ensure excellent customer service. Fascol hires outstanding Germany engineers to research and develop its product lines using non-toxic environmentally friendly material as Fascol’s first priority is children’s safety closely followed by care for the land. With excellent product quality, comfortable design and fun riding experience, Fascol has become more and more popular worldwide especially in European countries like UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.  

It’s not how your child rides, but how the ride makes your child feel.

From day one, Fascol has focused on providing the very best riding experience for children, combining cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials, and innovation to deliver products designed to suit young riders’ evolving lifestyles. With Fascol scooter, children will surely enjoy a happy childhood.   Founded in 2013, Fascol has quickly become an icon of China culture with the introduction of the now legendary Fascol swivel style kick scooter. The must-have item of the year, the Fascol swivel style scooter continues to be an essential ride for kids on the go.   Today, Fascol offers a full line of award-winning products that inspire and excite young riders around the globe. With strong designing and manufacturing ability, influenced by our most innovative home city, Shenzhen, and rooted in popular action sports – from motocross and BMX, to snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing – Fascol’s products embody the spirit of freedom and fun.   “Fa stands for Fast, which symbolizes our fast customer service, it also means you can rest assured that your kids ride our product fast and feel the passion of life.”  The CEO of Fascol notes: “S must be interpreted as safe. In a children’s product, safety is the most important thing to consider from design to after care. Therefore, Fascol engineers are required to apply ergonomic technology and most sturdy materials into the Fascol scooter line. Each scooter is individually ride tested for hours and only after it meets Fascol’s standards can it meet its beloved customers.  What about col? You can figure it out through its spelling, it means Cool! No matter whose children ride on Fascol’s scooters, they are well regarded by those children who only walk and run!”   Some people ask why Fascol is so popular. The only reason Fascol sees is that we are parents of children and want to provide children the best childhood experience with the best kick scooter. Thinking as parents makes the product safe, of the highest quality, but at the same time has to have a design that is interesting to children. Fascol works hard to satisfy the needs of parents and children. No wonder Fascol is getting more and more popular all the time! No parent or any other children enthusiasts will regret buying children a Fascol scooter because there is no reason to refuse such an safe, comfortable and interesting scooter!  This is why millions all over the world choose Fascol scooter for their children’s Christmas and Birthday gift.   Naturally Fascol is a company feels the call and needs of children all the time.  With this duty in mind, Fascol has participated in charitable activities every year since 2013. Fascol has donated 3 millions dollars and 76512 Fascol scooters to rural areas in China and Africa. One poor child received the scooter and was so happy that he would not allow Fascol personnel to leave. Seeing the tears dropping from this lovely child’s eyes, Fascol promised to come back for the 2017 Chrismas Festival.   Send your children Fascol scooter as a present, bring your children an impressive and happy childhood! Partners we work with: paypal