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“Marghe’s New Friend” A Italy influencer Mom’s review for DIY scooter

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This article is translated by Fascol, originally written by Pamela,Margherita’s mother, blogger and Ig influencer.  A few days ago Baby Marghe has a new friend: the do-it-yourself Scooter! To be honest, at first, I was a bit worried, wondering if it was too early for Margherita to play with a scooter. After all, she is only […]

Fascol’s 2017 Christmas Magical Gifts Ideas That Will Give Your Children Surprise

Fascol DIY scooter, the best Christmas gift

Looking to give your Children a fun and healthy Christmas? It is time to prepare Christmas gifts. No matter how old your child is, you can find a gift for him/her at Fascol. Fascol scooter is an indispensable childhood playmate for kids.Start the Christmas countdown with these magical gifts for your children. Fascol 4 in […]

A Warm Story: Sweet girl Wants 60 Scooters for Other Children for Thanksgiving and Christmas

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The holiday season is coming and every little child is praying for great gifts and presents. But there is one wish from a little girl is very different from others and it warms everyone’s heart when people hear it, here is her story. Angela is almost 6 years old. When their parents asked her what […]

Why Scooter? 5 Benefits When Your kids Have One

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Scooters for children are becoming more and more popular nowadays, many parents know about this but still don’t know exactly why, before giving the answers, I wanna ask some questions first:have you noticed your kids: Doing nothing except watching TV or playing video games all day? Becoming plump day and day? Not into any popular […]

Install the children’s scooter in 5 minutes by children themselves

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This article is a review from an Italy Blogger and Mother for DIY Splicing scooters: Today I introduce the scooter for my son of the brand Fascol, I liked it because it is the children’s scooter that they mount alone in 5 minutes. Easy to assemble and use, my baby does not get tired. To go to […]

5 Reasons Why Fascol DIY Scooter is the Best Christmas Gift for Children

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Christmas is coming, and if you haven’t decided what kind of gifts to get for your children, then you must consider the latest launched Fascol DIY splicing scooter, it guarantees to bring different and exciting experiences for both of you and your kids. And here is why. 1)Play with your kids together Scooters are a […]

The day when you get a scooter, every street will turn to be a new continent to explore.


Growing up harder and harder to be happy, how do you treat the iphoneX that you’ve got, you have a happy experience of facial recognition, like a child who is surprised by the ever-changing technology. Let’s take a look at what makes people happy. Basically, happiness can be achieved in three ways: first, with expectation; […]

In 2017 Halloween, Trick or Treating on Fascol?

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Halloween is coming soon, whether you prepare the hottest Halloween dress-up party or not, trick or treating with children is an inevitable event. This Halloween, trick or treating on a scooter will be the funniest activity. Reach more places and accumulate more booty with your fast scooter. Why Holloween on the scooter?  1.Faster Transport = a lot of sugars […]

L’avis et le test de Fascol Surfing Scooter Deluxe d’une mère France

Depuis qu’il va à l’IME et qu’il pratique là bas une activité vélo, Jajaja a décidé qu’à la maison le deux roues c’était terminé. Je ne le force pas et je sais qu’un jour il y reviendra, avec ou sans petites roues. Du coup nos balades se font à pied, mais aussi depuis à trotinette. […]