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How to Fix Flashing Wheel Scooter 6003 Wheel Dropping Problem

Flashing Wheel Scooter 6003 Problem: Wheel Dropping How to Fix / The solution: 1)Check if the bolt is still there, according above picture, we can only see the screw not the bolt; 2)If there are both screw and bolt, check if the screw and the bolt fit well, if they are tight.   Related Product:  

Fascol scooter review: Pink Color Scooter for Toddlers

Can take a scooter

I ordered the Pink Colour Scooter, It come’s a nice looking box with carry handle on the top too. * Scooter needs to be assembled, But only takes a few minutes & key is included for tightening screws. * I got this for a 2 and half year old and she has it on the […]

I have been looking to get a new scooter for my 3 year old and 5 year old sons

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The chances are if you are a parent then you are likely to have a one or more scooters in your house. Scooters are now just as trendy as bicycles and are becoming and increasingly popular way for kids to get around.They are easier to maneuver and best of all they are extremely fun for kids […]

Top 8 benefits of children’s scooter

Nowadays, Scooter is more and more popular among children, scooter also play an important role in the lives of children, I summarized eight benefits share with you. Children’s scooter sports help children to increase gastrointestinal motility, enhance the ability of gastrointestinal digestion, increase appetite, nutrition is absorbed completely, make children develop better. Children’s scooter exercise can increase the height, enhance […]

Top 7 Healthy, Educational, Fun sports for kids

playing bicycle

The benefits of eaercise are endless for people, especially for children, exercise can lay a solid foundation for the body to grow healthy and strong, this benefits will benefit them all the life. sports also play a very important role in improving cardiac function. For children, the benefits of sports are promote bone growth and […]

The safety knowledge of scooter


Play scooter originated in the early 1960s in the United States by sea surfing evolved. relative to the surfing which restricted by  geography and climate, scooter clearly has  more degrees of freedom and formed their own language, techniques, dress style and music hobby. its feature is slide, does not constrained by the fixed pattern, the skater need to use […]

A Scooter For Every Age

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A kids scooter that is definitely bound to make one feel the thrill and joy of freedom. It’s every parents dream to see their kids happy. And, they would go to any extend to make that happen. Even long before their arrival itself, couples start the preparation of introducing them to this whole new world […]

Top 4 Educational, Sporty And Fun Toys For Kids: Why your Child Should Have This Learning Tools?

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As a parent, you want to give the best for your kids – the best life, the best education and so many things that life has to offer. That is the reason why, you work hard so you can provide for your child needs.  Every parent wants their children to live happy and comfortably. Being […]

Fascol provide the safest toys for your child

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The game is the nature of children, children’s toys are their the closest partners. unqualified toys would endanger children’s health and personal safety. With the continuous progress of the times, types and functions of toys increased, using is also more complex than before. Toys complicated inevitably bring about many of the problems of use, the manufacturer […]