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Install the children’s scooter in 5 minutes by children themselves

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This article is a review from an Italy Blogger and Mother for DIY Splicing scooters: Today I introduce the scooter for my son of the brand Fascol, I liked it because it is the children’s scooter that they mount alone in 5 minutes. Easy to assemble and use, my baby does not get tired. To go to […]

What Kind of Transportation Do You Use to Go to Work?

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In this fast-paced metropolis, people are always in a hurry, it’s rare that you notice the same person twice outside of your regular routine. However, almost every morning I see the same man: he is well groomed, nicely cut suit. In fact, you might also be him, or umpteen others like him. He wouldn’t come […]

Why Don’t the Fascol Flashing Wheels Shine or Flash

1.If the wheels do not flash when the customer has just received the goods, there are two possible reasons: (1).  the speed is too slow because the wheel can not light normally when you ride slowly, At this time you can manually detect the wheels-quickly turn the wheel by hand and see if the wheel is […]

Story Time: Scooter and Scooterette

Meet Fascol and Nancy. Two of Berlin’s most hip and chick kids. A photograph shows the duo on the day that their lives were changed from ordinary to super happy scooter and scooter-ette. On the day the two cruised to Frankfurt International School on their stylish wheels, all took notice. A magical spring time experience […]

Fascol Folding Scooter **Review**- from Sarah

The gremlin could be a little a careless bottom often as well as we have actually obtained a mobility scooter for her yet not the very best one. She has actually gotten on it however battles to press it along. When I was gotten in touch with to examine a Fascol mobility scooter, we were […]

How to Fix Flashing Wheel Scooter 6003 Wheel Dropping Problem

Flashing Wheel Scooter 6003 Problem: Wheel Dropping How to Fix / The solution: 1)Check if the bolt is still there, according above picture, we can only see the screw not the bolt; 2)If there are both screw and bolt, check if the screw and the bolt fit well, if they are tight.   Related Product:  


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We got so far only try a kickboard over Fascol, but it clearly was talk of a product designed for adults and then can support more weight, here we find ourselves faced with a scooter for children. – Unboxing – The package contains scootering well sealed both the handlebars and the body and the wheels, […]

Essential Facts about the Flashing Wheel Scooter

Flashing wheel scooter is a state-of-the-art electrical carrier, which based upon vibrant equilibrium tenet to regulate equilibrium smartly depending upon a center of mass. Flashing wheel scooter likewise makes use of servo-control equipments to own the electric motor exactly. It resembles a body; when you depend on the Flashing wheel scooter, relocate your body onward […]

I have been looking to get a new scooter for my 3 year old and 5 year old sons

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The chances are if you are a parent then you are likely to have a one or more scooters in your house. Scooters are now just as trendy as bicycles and are becoming and increasingly popular way for kids to get around.They are easier to maneuver and best of all they are extremely fun for kids […]