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Why You Lost $100 When You Bought a Micro Scooter?

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Are you one of those who were happy that they had made a killing buying some kick scooters from one of those companies selling kick scooter online? Then wait until you see what Fascol has got to offer before reaching such a conclusion. This is because with Fascol, you will be sure to save a […]

Where to Buy the Best Mini Kickscooter for Baby?

Where to Buy the Best Mini Kickscooter for Baby?

Are you looking for where to get the best Mini Kickscooter for Baby? Then you don’t have to look any further again because Fasco is at your doorstep to offer you some of the very best of what it has. Being the best has come with its own challenges but we are very glad to […]

Why Fascol Is Better Than Micro Kickboard?

fascol better than mico kickboard

Are you a parent that is looking for the best kick scooter to buy for your kids? Then don’t make up your mind to go for micro kickboard as you will soon discover why Fascol has become the most preferred amongst all in recent times when it comes to kick scooter. Fascol rise in the […]

What’s the Difference Between Fascol and Micro Scooter?

What’s the Difference Between Fascol and Micro Scooter?

Are trying to get the best kick scooter for your kids and as a result don’t know which one of either Fascol or micro scooter to go for? The truth is that sometimes you could be spoilt with choice between these two brands that you may not know which one to take. This write up […]

Top 5 Baby Scooter Brands Manufacture Their Products in Fascol Factory

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Do you plan buying some top baby scooter brand for your kids? Do you know that by having the knowledge of some of the best kid’s foot scooter, you could know which one to buy that would fit your kids? Also, you will be able to have some really good value for your money.   […]

Fascol scooter quality has outraced Micro scooter

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After the comparison of the product quality, price and performance between the Fascol Flashing Wheel Scooter and Micro MAXI DELUXE, all the experts from UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain in the baby kickboard field admit that Fascol scooter is better than Micro scooter in a conference named Industrial Summit in Shenzhen, China. This event is […]

Raise child tips

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Rise . . . for baby and family has been providing supports and services to infants and toddlers and their families within the Monadnock region since 1981. Rise serves over 250 kids birth to a few annually with early intervention and kid care programs. Parents grasp Their kid Best When folks have considerations regarding their […]