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Fascol Scooter Toy


Fascol toy scooters. To be honest, at first I did not really understand how it worked and I thought that the girl should give the push with your feet. Instead it works beyond belief and the great thing is that it is still the best of my expectations. Let’s order. This scooter, scooter … oh […]

A Little Inspiration on How to Name the “Swivel scooter” Properly

the video about swivel ride-on

We thought hard for the name of this two kind of scooters, and finally find the best names for them. A:”I would like to mention an overall organization issue that I see. There are 2 bicycles and several strollers (tricycle etc) and two toddlers puzzles. I am ok with how those are organized. :: the […]

Top 7 Healthy, Educational, Fun sports for kids

playing bicycle

The benefits of eaercise are endless for people, especially for children, exercise can lay a solid foundation for the body to grow healthy and strong, this benefits will benefit them all the life. sports also play a very important role in improving cardiac function. For children, the benefits of sports are promote bone growth and […]

The Kids Swivel Scooter

swivel wiggle scooter for baby

Toys have always played an important role in the lives of children. Often they reflect the culture of the time and indicate the cultural changes and social trends, as can be seen in museums and toy libraries around the world. Although today’s toys seem to be different from those of old, the purpose of the […]

A Scooter For Every Age

scooter of fascol

A kids scooter that is definitely bound to make one feel the thrill and joy of freedom. It’s every parents dream to see their kids happy. And, they would go to any extend to make that happen. Even long before their arrival itself, couples start the preparation of introducing them to this whole new world […]

Fascol provide the correct gifts for your baby

fascol baby scooter

For children, the most happy is receive the gifts from parents, but for parents, watching the great variety of gifts, don’t know what to send, especially 2-8 year-old children, they are looking forward to a  gift, but they may not have a clear demand, so I will give some suggestions about how to choose the correct gifts for your child […]

7 Top Scootering Safety Tips From Fascol

Scootering Fun For All!

Scooters are always popular with children of all ages from tots to teens and it’s amazing how quickly they take to it! Kids have energy to burn so a bright and dazzling Fascol scooter is the perfect gift and there are plenty to choose from for any age from 24 months to 17 years old. […]

Today’s Update Of Fascol on Social Media

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Products of fascol are committed to make children fell happy and ensure the security of children at the same time. so fascol will share some interesting things on social media. Today ,we share some children’jokes and funny pictures on social media. JOKES: 1.The topic  for  third-grade class was genetics. Smiling broadly, the teacher pointed to […]

Fascol Will Become the Main Baby Product Supplier of Graco

many people ride scooter
Fascol will become the main baby product supplier of Graco Company in July. It’s well known that Graco is a large American baby products company, owned and operated by Newell Brands, now based in Atlanta. So being chosen and recognized by this large American brand symbolized the strong manufacturing and product management ability of Fascol [...]

why your child is not smarter than others

scooter with seat

if you ask the kid learning or playing which they do like best, playing they are bound to choose. playing is the children’ s nature and also the power they possess. it’s parents responsibility to teach children how to be smart  within playing. While baby is play can’t without toys, toys can stimulate baby’s intellectual […]