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Fascol Folding Scooter **Review**- from Sarah

The gremlin could be a little a careless bottom often as well as we have actually obtained a mobility scooter for her yet not the very best one. She has actually gotten on it however battles to press it along. When I was gotten in touch with to examine a Fascol mobility scooter, we were […]

Fascol scooter review: Pink Color Scooter for Toddlers

Can take a scooter

I ordered the Pink Colour Scooter, It come’s a nice looking box with carry handle on the top too. * Scooter needs to be assembled, But only takes a few minutes & key is included for tightening screws. * I got this for a 2 and half year old and she has it on the […]

Indulging My Toddler in a Mini Scooter Makes Me an Easygoing Day


A married women has not only to care about work, but also have to take care of her new-born. The worst thing is to fight hard to keep the food on table while the toddler shouts and cries to ask for company beside. What’s more, the baby’s father is a sailor who has little time to […]