How to choose the best Fascol scooters for your kids?

It’s 2018 right now. Many parents chose Fascol scooters as presents for their children during the past holiday season. Their supports made several of Our products become the No.1 bestseller on Amazon and eBay. We received many great reviews from our consumers all around the world. Meanwhile, we got many questions too. Most of them are about how to choose suitable scooters for their kids, especially from the parents who buy scooters for the first time. So here is a brief guide for those parents to get the right Fascol scooter.

How old are your kids?

fascol kid scooter

This is the first question you should answer before you make your decision. As well-known, Fascol has a broad range scooters suitable for all ages from toddlers, novices, teenagers, and adults as well. Choosing an age-appropriate scooter to ride is important both for your child’s fun and safety.

Toddlers: for kids at this very young age, we have Toddler Tricycle and Dolphin scooter for you to choose. They are very stable and won’t go too fast. This ensures your kids’ safety. They are great for children to learn and develop balance and confidence.

5 to 12-year-olds: At this age, kids have the widest selection of products that we have. Based on their better ability to control balance, most kick scooters are suitable for them. So the decision mainly comes down to their preferences.

12-year-olds+: Adult and pro stunt scooters will be the first choice for them because, at this age, they can handle scooter pretty well, pro stunt or adult scooter will allow them to do more actions and that will make them look very cool.

2 wheels or 3 wheels?

fascol scooter for different age

This is another issue related to age and safety. As shown above,it is a simple graphics guide you can follow.Generally, if your kids are very young(under 5-year-old) and have not yet learned to ride a bicycle, it is a better choice for them to start with a three-wheeled scooter. On the other hand, if your kids are physically active and already know how to ride a bicycle, a 2-wheeled scooter will be great for them. 

What’s your children’s gender?

kid scooter blue pink

This question will lead you to choose the right color for your kids’ scooters. Fascol products have various colors for you to choose. For example, most parents choose blue, black or yellow for boys and pink, red, white for girls, but it is not a rule you must follow, it’s all about preferences, you can choose any color as long as your kids like.

Should I buy several scooters if I have a few kids?

cool kick scooter

The answer is no, or at least you don’t have to. Our No.1 bestseller DIY scooter allows you to adjust the height to suit the height of your children, so basically you can say it will grow as your kids do. So no matter you have a few children or your child just grows older, you can always adjust the height of our DIY scooter to fit their age and height. Here is also a guide to help you select the best professional scooters in the world when your child grows bigger and stronger.

Now, I think you know what kind of Fascol scooters you are looking for, and we thank your support again!

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  1. Israt Jahan says:

    At the present time kick scooter is now most favorite and enjoyable vehicle. They are using it when their playing time. That’s the way it’s need to important to select best scooter. This article is good to select best scooter.

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