The Christmas review of the “DIY Splicing Scooter” from the Italy Influencer and Mom

Happy to get the DIY scooter

This article is translated by Fascol, originally written by Maria Teresa Lapendaa mother, blogger and Ig influencer. 

Today I want to talk to you in this article of the Fascol Scooter, which has designed a super safe and innovative scooter, here is the new Aurora toy!

At first, I wondered if Aurora had been able to play with this scooter, she has 22 months in February and will be 2 years old so still very small, but I did some research on the site and I discovered that this three-wheel Fascol scooter is particularly suitable for 2-year-olds.


Now I take this opportunity to tell you about all the features of this scooter:

⁃ It is foldable

⁃ can be set at 4 different heights, from 62cm to 75cm, so for children aged 2-7 years

⁃ carries a maximum weight of 50kg

⁃ Made of durable, very solid and impact-resistant aluminum alloy

⁃ The wheels light up and the rear one has an independent brake

– the platform can be used as a base for legos!

How do you not have fun?

In the end, I tried it too and I enjoyed it like a child! 🤣

I take this opportunity to thank Fascol for giving me the opportunity to try their product for my baby.

On their site, you will find many other scooters suitable for both children a little ‘smaller than the older ones.

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