What’s the Most Suitable Gift for First Birthday?


Our babies first birthday means a lot. It’s a significant day to most parents. Your baby’s first birthday is right around the corner, and you’re faced with a conundrum- what is the perfect gift for such a landmark birthday? With all the noisy, glittery, and sometimes complicated looking toys offered on the market, what is a parent to choose? Sure, the colorful gift wrapping and the glittering ribbons will fascinate your little one, but you want them to have more fun with the packages contents than the actual box itself. Take away some of the guesswork and focus on products that will assist in their early development, both physically and intellectually. Choosing a most suitable gift to baby shows the love to children obviously.

Here are a few gift ideas for your 1 year old:

Picture Books
Another great tool to use in order to foster identification skills in your child. Colorful pictures coupled with words for you to read to them will help develop object recognition and foster their language development.

Baby Swivel Scooter

Baby swivel scooter is an award winning product. It’s a really interest present for children. Little kids can ride it fast just by swiveling or wiggling his body.

Balls and rolling toys
Balls and other toys that roll out of the grasp of your baby or bounce are useful to create inquisitiveness in them. Watch as your child rolls, throws, and bounces their new toy, following where it goes.

Matching blocks and shape sorters
From early on, your child begins to identify shapes and colors. They obviously won’t be aware of the specific names of shapes or colors at this stage, but they will begin to recognize their forms. Toys such a blocks, shape sorters, and stackers strengthen a child’s fine motor skills.
Last, but certainly not least, is our favorite- a tricycle! A tricycle is a wonderful present for any child. Watch as they peddle and steer around, exploring new terrain, taking in new sights, and enjoying independence. And of course, trikes are beneficial to development as they improve coordination and fine motor skills.

Bath toys
Similar to bedtime stories, a pre-bedtime bath can also be an exciting routine for children. Gift your little one bath toys or games that spin, bob, or sing. With fun objects in the water, your little one will be engaged even during bath time.

A good present does not cost a lot of money but its priceless. Whatever you choose, your child’s first birthday will be a memorable occasion full of fun, love, and excitement. A full happy memory will show up when a child grow older. It’s the most meaningful thing in the world.

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