Do you agree with the children to go to school on a scooter

Recently, I saw some news about the child rides on the scooter and was seriously injured. So some parents in Scotland are starting to stop children from walking and riding bikes/scooters to school. But, these are conflicting messages on safety.

On the one hand, walking or riding a scooter to school is a sport. When children are in school, they almost sit for a long time. The exercise on the way to school is good for children’s health. On the other hand, parents consider the safety of their children’s travel to prevent children from walking or riding a bicycle to school.

🎈The benefits of walking or riding a scooter to school:

🛴  walking or riding a scooter to school is a wonderful way to exercise and it’s good for health.

🛴  it’s fun to walk together with friends every day. children can talk about something interesting and know each other better.

🛴  if children walk/riding a scooter/bike, the parents won’t have to drive them to school. There will be fewer cars in the city. More walking and less driving help to make the city cleaner. The streets won’t be as crowded as they are now.

🛴 The bicycle is one of the best tools to overcome the heart failure. The habit of cycling can expand your heart. Otherwise, the blood vessels become thinner, and the heart is becoming more and more degraded. In the later years, you will experience the trouble it brings. At that time, you will see how perfect the bicycle is. Bicycle exercise can also prevent high blood pressure, and sometimes more effective than drugs. It also prevents fat, blood vessel hardening, and stronger bones. In fact, not only children have to ride a bike/scooter often, but parents should also ride a bike/scooter.

🛴 For little children, riding a scooter can enhance their sense of balance and promote the overall coordination of the body, waist, arm, and leg.

🛴 Walk or ride a scooter to school can cultivate children’s independence, in the absence of the parent company, the child needs to decide the route, the kids have a better understanding of the possible risks (rather than rely on adults to handle everything), they can also learn the necessary social skills.

🎈Why do parents rarely let their children walk or ride to school?

Image result for parent drive their children to school❗ A mother sent her children to school every day, and she said, “the last journey in front of the school is really dangerous. We have had a couple of near misses from drivers not paying attention when parking and reversing around the school entrance” Most parents don’t let their children walk/ride to school on their own because of the journeys to school are not safe.

❗ The position of the school is too far from the residential area. Some parents said, “they choose to let their children take the bus or they drive their children to school, because the school is too far away from home, so it is not suitable for walking or riding.” but the child said: He likes riding, because he thinks he is very independent and can hang out with his friends in the city after school. He also reported that when he was able to ride to school, he could concentrate on the class better in the morning.

In fact, how to solve this conflict problem depends on the attitude of the parents themselves. it is clear that as long as parents feel that these journeys are not safe, they will be unwilling for their children to travel actively.

One thought on “Do you agree with the children to go to school on a scooter

  1. Michael. Haruna says:

    Very good subject for reflection.
    The buzz from e-scooters can be different from conventional bikes ( with especially teenage boys on performance, speed and displays). This comes with certain initial excitement, impulses, risk taking etc that need to be recognized and managed appropriately when approaching school premises and entrance gates where the population of children of varying ages, behavioural traits and experience is high.
    There is a need for school / families to have appropriate road safety and risk talk sessions when their children move on to using e-scooters to and from school.

    Thanks for raising this subject.

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