Surprised! United Kingdom‬‬ is Leaving ‪European Union‬

UK's EU referendum vote

Fascol heard that UK is breaking from the European Union this morning and was shocked.

UK's EU referendum vote
Below is the result:
Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?
97.9% Reporting
Remain a member of the European Union

Leave the European Unioncheck


Nearly all of Britain’s opposition parties, including Labour and the Scottish National Party, backed remaining in the EU, along with the majority of business leaders.

The Leave campaign – headed by former mayor of London and Conservative MP Boris Johnson – argued that the only way Britain could “take back control” of its own affairs would be to leave the EU.


As far as the author concerned,   leaving EU is a wise decision to UK people, because some other EU countries may be some burden and hinder the way of UK’s economy development, so breaking from EU will  make UK better.

On the other hand, good cooperation with peripheral countries means lowing down the cost of national economy. We hope EU make better rules to benefit UK more and make UK come back to it as soon as possible.


It’s obvious that the UK break-off will make UK suffer some negative effects, like the currency devaluation, financial industry recession, unemployment, even it will cause the world economy recession.  We wish UK get through with it successfully.  Meanwhile, there is also some positive effects, UK will take this chance to re-industrialize and grow to be a stronger and more prosper country.


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