Fantastic Benefits of a Tricycle in the Growth and Development of Your Child

Fascol folding tricycle, give your baby a happy childhood

Depending on the size and development of a child, most children are ready for a trike (tricycle) by the age of two. And by the age of 4, they are normally able to steer, pedal and control the trike and are prepared to proceed to a bike with training wheels. A trike teaches them many important lessons which improve their mental and physical health. Here are some.

Coordination and Balance

Growth and development of children’s bodies take place rapidly during the preschool years. They learn to coordinate their bodies by controlling their fine and gross motor movements in ways with increasing complexity. Steering a trike requires coordination of hands while pedaling requires coordination of feet. They face a few difficulties in maneuvering a new tricycle, but with time and efforts, they slowly learn proper movements.

Independence of Doing Things

Children of ages 1 and 2 are at a stage of development where they are torn between independence and doubt. Most children at this stage are eager to do things on their own because they want to know how things work and are eager to perform easy tasks. All these things are facilitated by a tricycle by giving children the freedom they want. As they learn that with their efforts, they ‘move’ forward sleekly, they enjoy it and are encouraged to do the efforts all by themselves.

Encouragement to Take Initiative

By the age of 2, children have a natural enthusiasm for doing things on their own and take initiative for new responsibilities. At this stage, a tricycle is a perfect toy to encourage them in doing so. This stage lasts usually up to 6 years when most children master the use of a trike and progress towards using a bike. So, during this phase, a trike is an excellent tool to prepare and encourage them to take initiatives.

3 in 1 Trike by

The Fascol 3 in 1 trike is a fantastic toy for your child in her/his growth years. The child can enjoy this trike right from her/his 1st month of age. It has 3 different stages with which your child can grow. It has all the features for maximum comfort, functionality and parent control as well as independence, because of which your child can thoroughly enjoy riding it.

Bring home a tricycle for your toddler and watch her/him growing just the right way.

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