What countries do you ship?

We ship to most countries in Europe including UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain and so on. We also sell to USA since September 2016.


Does the price of the product cover everything?

Yes, the price of the product includes shipping fees and all kinds of taxes already (Germany customers).  Therefore, the only thing you need to do after paying for the product is to wait the order coming soon. PS: None-Germany customers will be charged about 10 Euro shipping fees.


How long shall I receive the order?

It depends on the stock in our Germany warehouse.  The order usually comes to you in about 1 week. The fastest delivery is 1 day and the longest delivery is 1 month.  If you are willing to wait for the product for a little extra time, you’ll get some discount or some surprise gifts for free.


Where to get the shipping code?

Once your order is  picked up by DHL, you’ll receive an Email from Fascol saying that your order is complete. To know your tracking code, please sign in or register your account on this page: https://www.fascol.com/my-account/orders/ with the Email in your order. However, no need to worry about the tracking code, it will come to you soon 🙂


How do I use the tracking code?

Many customer can’t get the shipping results efficiently although they have the tracking code

Here is the right link to teach you how to use it: https://www.fascol.com/how-to-use-the-tracking-code/


Do you need wholesaler/distributors/resellers/agents?

Yes. Orders of larger quantity will enjoy large discount. Meanwhile, our product list is aways the most popular and hot selling over years, you have no worry to sell it out in short time.


Do you accept Refund?

Yes. Click here and you’ll see more details: https://www.fascol.com/refund/


Do you need product reviewers?

Yes, of course. We are looking for reviewers from all over the world. If you’re the user of the Fascol product, taking some photos or sharing your unique Fascol product user experience with us will win some rewards from Fascol company.  Some lucky friends will win free products for review. Please email us at fascol@fascol.com or share your experience in the below comment box.

Do you have a user guide/ manul/ assembly intruction?

Yes. We have a guide/ manul/ assembly in pape shipped with the product together. And there is also a part of our product user guide on our website, it will help you to assemble or install the product and teach the kids how to use Fascol products more easily:



What’s the relationship between your Amazon/Ebay shop and the official website?

The Amazon shop and the official website are both owned by the same company, Fascol. However, compared to Amazon shop, the Fascol official website  has more advantages over Amazon shop including Lower Price , Better Service and Routine Promotion Activities, Prizes and Rewards for Sharing and so on. What’s more, even you bought the product on Amazon, you’ll get help on the Fascol official website as well.

PS: When in need of after-sales service of Amazon or Ebay, please provide us with your Amazon/Ebay order number,  which will make the process faster.


Does your shop have an affiliate program/affiliate area?

Yes.  The affiliate program is here: https://www.fascol.com/affiliate-area/ .  It takes 1 minute to join our affiliate program which is very easy.

You’ll get a 10% commission on each sale.



Any other questions, please leave a message below, Fascol will answer your question in 6 hours.

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27 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Mary Hatfield says:

    Hi i bought my grandson a fascol diy scooter for his 6th birthday from Amazon march 2018 unfortunately the back wheel has fell of and we cannot put it back on as the bolt has sheared of

    • atroyz@yahoo.com says:

      We ordered a red Fascal scooter for our son in August. It worked well for 2 months but for the past several weeks the brake has slowly started to crack, and the back wheel is nearly completely broken. We would like to know if this is still under warranty and if we can have it repaired. If so, where? We don’t know where to get the parts. He really likes this scooter but without a functioning brake it’s simply not safe, because we live on a hill.

      Here’s the link to amazon, where we bought it. I don’t know the model’s name in English. We live in Germany.


  2. Juhee says:


    I would like to purchase your 4-in-1 foldable
    tricycle. Is there anyway you can ship it to Singapore? Thanks.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Hi, we bought a 3-wheel light up scooter but the brake recently snapped off. Can I order parts for your scooter range?

  4. lilian says:

    Hi, I have bought a Fascol tricycle on amazon french website and it was shipped to Switzerland. so far so good. My kid will go to china soon and stay there for 3 months. We do not want to ship this heavy tricycle from Switzerland to China and then bring it back after 3 months. We would like to buy another one in china for these 3 months. but we can not find fascol brand on Taobao, Jingdong or amazon china website. please let me know how can I buy your product and and ship to china mainland address. thanks a lot.

    • Honey says:

      Dear Cusotmer,

      I have reply you via email, but I don’t receive your reply.
      We are happy to solve the problem for you.
      Have a nice day

  5. Yulia says:

    One of the rear wheels in my daughter’s scooter is off the axe, and I am having hard time finding any retailers/service points in Stockholm, Sweden. Could you please advise?

  6. Veronika says:


    I am concerned that the grip of back wheels is not strong enough as they come off with a slight pull or push by my hand!!
    I had to constantly push them back to their position during a walk with my son, so I’m not sure how safe the trike anymore.
    Will be returning back to amazon, I’m afraid..

  7. Simona says:

    Non riesco a piegare lo scooter 3 ruote bambini. Riuscite a spiegarmi passo per passo come devo fare?? Dalle istruzioni non è chiaro. Grazie

  8. Ivano says:

    Buonasera volevo sapere se era disponibile di colore blu monopattino 3 ruote e ii tempi previsti per la consegna presso bovezzo/brescia grazie

  9. Cynthia says:

    We purchased the 4 in 1 folding tricycle golden. The rear wheel axle bolts (2) are missing. We would like to order them.
    Your help is needed. Thank You!

  10. Tatiana says:

    Hi, do you sell replacement rubber hand grips for your scooter? And if you don’t, which can I buy that are compatible with it?
    Many thanks

  11. Bellsey says:

    I emailed your team a while ago but havent heard back as the lower bracket on the long pole that reaches up to the handle has fallen off (where you press down to fold down the scooter). I urgently need a replacement bracket part (not the scooter – jut the bracket – I have emailed you a photo). Please can you advise how to get this?

  12. Brannigan Bryant says:

    I need a replacement part for the 4 in 1 tricycle. The handle that helps me steer when walking behind my daughter broke off when we were going up over a curb. Is there anywhere to purchase just the handle? Thank you for your time.

    • Kim says:

      Did you get a reply and part replacement ? I’m in need of the same part … reading these comments , it seems like it common for this part to break off.

  13. Martha Hearn says:

    I would like to buy a baby Walker for my grandson he is 8 months old and is quite tall for his age and weight is over 20 lbs is it suitable for him.

  14. Kim says:


    I have a 4 in 1 tricycle, the steering push handle had broken off. I need to get a part replacement to Canada

    Can someone contact me about how much this would cost ?

    Thank you.

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