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fascol baby scooter

For children, the most happy is receive the gifts from parents, but for parents, watching the great variety of gifts, don’t know what to send, especially 2-8 year-old children, they are looking forward to a  gift, but they may not have a clear demand, so I will give some suggestions about how to choose the correct gifts for your child and a good toy brand named fascol.

1.Gifts for girls:

Doll almost every girl’s favorite toy, there is more classic series of Barbie dolls, so that little girls can learn from an early age with clothing, to experience the fun of caring for others; plush toy is a good choice too, it can become good partners accompany baby grow form childhood. cooking toys is very popular with small girls in recent years ,including a variety of mini posts and pans, kitchen stove etc, cooking toys meets the girl play in the process of simulation scenario mother was cooking,cultivate the child start work ability


2.Gifts for boys:

Every boy will have at least one car in their childhood and many a boy are born to interest in a variety of vehicles model and brand, so a variety of models such as the train, fire engines, police cars, trucks, cranes, remote control cars and so on are the nice gift to the boy.In addition to the car, most of the boys are like robots, such as Ultraman, Transformers, Star-Men and other binding cartoon series robots are loved by children in the process of play they can learn to uphold justice and learning the spirit of vigorous.



3.Read and outdoor sports toys is the gifts for girls and boys:

In addition to the gender obvious gifts, there are some items about training children reading and outdoor sports were applicable for boys and girls. a variety of children’s  picture books, story book can open the child’s view,  enhance the perception of the world. children’s outdoor sports can enhance the child’s physique, improve motor coordination, also can develop children’s social skills. From the perspective of sports science, sports for children should be light physical activity, it is appropriate that proper aerobic exercise to increase endurance,  shilly-car, bicycles, scooters are a good form of exercise. In the process of cycling, can promote the body’s balance and coordination of the development of children.

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Fascol is the main manufacturer of the top baby product suppliers in the world like Micro Kickboard, iScoot, Razor Scooter, Radio Flyer, Kids preferred, Little Tike, Argos, Globber, Rimable, XLM, etc. When you purchase a baby product from Fascol directly, you save half of the cost compared to purchasing from the suppliers of Fascol. and fascol is the best brand of outdoor sports, the products of fascol are devote themselves to let child be better, all of the scooters are used by new materials and steady.There are a number of sizes, colors and brands to choose from fascol, If you are looking for a swivel scooter, 3 in 1 tricycle, baby kick scooter or stroller, Fascol will be your best choice.

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