Fascol scooter review: Pink Color Scooter for Toddlers

Can take a scooter

I ordered the Pink Colour Scooter, It come’s a nice looking box with carry handle on the top too.
* Scooter needs to be assembled, But only takes a few minutes & key is included for tightening screws.
* I got this for a 2 and half year old and she has it on the shortest height with the seat attached.

* Very good robust quality product, The seat has a handle for carrying when your little one has had enough of riding.
* The wheels are really solid & feel like they can take a bashing, Along with the brake on the back wheel, She can’t properly reach that yet, But for the older kids the brake will be a great help when stopping.
* The handle bar are soft to hold as made of rubber and are also height adjustable too. Wheels actually light up when turning, Although you need to be at a constant speed for this to happen. A very versatile item, As this can be used as your child gets older, Rather than having to buy a new one when they grow.

My only small niggle, Is the assembly instructions could do with being a bit more detailed, As we wasn’t sure which screw’s were for which holes, As all screws are roughly the same size, As this is for the little one’s we like to know we are assembling to be safe. Also the free pack of knee/elbow pads included are not the best of quality, So we haven’t used them, But other than this my niece loves the scooter & it’s bright colour.

Overall very pleased with this scooter, As she can use this this as she gets older, I have added a video & lot’s of pic’s of mine (Her’s)…X
Please note the seller sent me this scooter for me to test & then honestly review.


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