Fascol’s 2017 Christmas Magical Gifts Ideas That Will Give Your Children Surprise

Fascol DIY scooter, the best Christmas gift

Looking to give your Children a fun and healthy Christmas? It is time to prepare Christmas gifts. No matter how old your child is, you can find a gift for him/her at Fascol. Fascol scooter is an indispensable childhood playmate for kids.Start the Christmas countdown with these magical gifts for your children.

Fascol 4 in 1 Folding Tricycle

Ages 6 mos – 5 yrs

This fun trike would be the ideal gift for little ones and great as beginners trikes for babies from age 6 months to 5 years. 4 different stages to grow with your child:

Guided: 6 months+, the parents control the trike with a handle and the child has the extra protection of the safety bar, safety belt, Awning, etc. and are unable to steer the trike.

Learning: 15 months+, child start to practice steering the trike with parent’s help

Developing: 2 years+, toddlers can steer and pedal, but the parents can still steer the trike if needed.

Independent: 3 years+, toddler use the product as just a trike and can steer and pedal on their own without help

Fascol  3 Wheel Pedal Bike

Ages 2-5yrs  

This 3 wheel pedal trike bike is the best gift for toddlers to improve their leg muscle strength, the stable triangular three-wheeled design, anti-rollover, allows children to ride independently. This first ride trike is very popular with moms, it can be the first bike for toddlers and a long-lasting gift that accompany children to spend their childhood.

Fascol DIY Children Splicing Scooter

Ages 2-7yrs 

3 wheel scooter

This DIY splicing scooter is a perfect gift for the preschool children, This DIY scooter can boost children’s imagination and cognition. Kids can assemble their favorite scooters based on their perception of color. The process of assembling this scooter just like playing Lego. I believe your child will like DIY.  last week an Italy mom shares her review on the DIY scooter, she said her sons installed the scooter in 5 minutes. and her little son always wants his brother to give him the scooter to play.

Fascol 3 Wheel Folding Scooter

Ages 3-12 yrs

This product is Fascol’s earliest scooter, For the last 3 years, Fascol has been working hard to improve the quality of this product. it is getting more and more popular, This is why millions all over the world choose Fascol scooter for their children’s Christmas and Birthday gift. Elegant riding style shows children’s charm and popularity. they are no wonder the superstar like Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga on this fashionable scooter.

Fascol Surfing Scooter 

Ages 4 yrs+

This surf scooter Deluxe is suitable for children from 4 years old. After the kids rode this scooter, they dropped other scooters in the corner with dust on. Kids ride it from last Christmas to this Christmas. “this scooter always has a crazy success with its bright wheels, people stop us on the street to ask us where to buy it!” a Mom said. The new widened PU damping flashing wheel, more stable and safer, adapt to any terrain. Unique C-shape protective design acts like a bumper for a hard collision.

Fascol Folding Teens Push Kick Scooter

Ages 7-15 yrs

This scooter is an ideal means of transport for Teens. It’s sturdy, easy to use and very well made, It goes very smoothly.Turns well, and has a reasonable amount of shock absorption.
Also have a low center of gravity, making it hard to fall off. Parents often say that Christmas presents for children over the age of seven are the hardest to choose. this scooter will solve your problems.

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