Why Don’t the Fascol Flashing Wheels Shine or Flash

1.If the wheels do not flash when the customer has just received the goods, there are two possible reasons:

(1).  the speed is too slow because the wheel can not light normally when you ride slowly, At this time you can manually detect the wheels-quickly turn the wheel by hand and see if the wheel is bright;

(2). Check if the screws of the wheel be tightened, the working theory is by weaving over the electromagnetic induction, from kinetic energy into electrical energy, so it is necessary to tighten the screw and fix the shaft to weave over the magnetic field and produce current, then the wheels will be flashing

flashing wheel with colorful light

Flashing wheel flashes at high speed

2.If the wheel doesn’t shine after you used for a period of time, The reason is multifaceted, There are three most likely reasons:

(1). The shaft of the wheel is flooded while you sliding on the wet road;  (2). overload or by gravity impact resulting from the broken magnet of the wheel, and it can not surpass electromagnetic induction;  (3). the screws on the wheel are loose ( it can light again when you tighten screws)


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