Grandparent and me 3 in 1 tricycle

triciclo evolutivo ruedas goma

My parents are always busy with work, so I grew up under my grandparent accompany, they are very friendly and love me very much. when I was a baby, my parent send a baby carriage to me,at that time, my grandparent put me in the baby cart, then they take me to the supermarket or park. it is very convenient for them to take me out. the baby pram accompany me for 2 years. Gradually, I grow up, the baby carriage is not suitable for me because I can walk without any help and I want a tricycle which I can ride it.

One day, my mother bring a big carton back, I was curious about the box, I open it, a new tricycle in the box. with the help of my family, my new 4 in 1folding tricycle be assembled. this strolling tricycle is not only a trolley, but also a children bike, it brings a lot of joy to me and my grandparent. before I get the tricycle, I always cry for go out to play, but my parent are too old to play with me, so they let me play with my toys at home. I feel upset that I can’t go out to play with other playmate and always cry. since my mother purchase the 4 in 1 folding tricycle from Fascol, I become happier and more outgoing. I can ride my tricycle on the playground, my grandparent just need to take care of me. they can sit on a park chair to rest.

Let me share my happy time:

1.My grandparent take me to the park every evening since my parents bought a tricycle to me,I am so happy

The most beautiful figure

2.Thanks my grandma take me to park, I enjoy sitting in my tricycle, it is also convenient for my grandma, send a flower to dear grandma.

3 wheeled bike

3.Today, Grandparent remove the shade and push rod, I can ride it by myself. I want to pick a leaf to my grandpa but I don’t want to get off my tricycle. Wow, my tricycle can protect me from fell down. so grate!

kids tricycle deals

4. I felt a little hungry, my grandparent prepare many delicious food in my basket, get the food from basket is very easy.

get food from basket

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