How do you evaluate the dual function toddler tricycle?

Now, I’d like to share a customer’s true review of the dual-function toddler tricycle.


The frame and all colored elements are powder coated. There are some places where the coating could have been thicker and at one or two places on the fork are also punctiform omissions of the coating. But nothing dramatic and I do not assume that it will come here to rust. Should this still be the case, you can still take countermeasures.


The structure is described on four A5 pages each, per language (en, de, fr, es), in a small enclosed booklet. First a page with warnings, then a (b / w) photo of the finished product, followed by a packing list and illustrated instructions for assembly. For me, all non-English illustrations had German headlines. Since otherwise only a numbering and some detailed representations are used, the language does not matter anyway. Packing lists and warnings were each translated.

Note: There are an even more detailed illustrated instructions with English description text. Unfortunately, I had found only after successful assembly.

The packing list goes to number 12, but unfortunately, some of the components appear in the drawings that have different or no numbers on the packing list. So the rear axles are number 10, but actually, they have 11 on the packing list (the steering rod has the 10). The fender (actually made of plastic) is correctly labeled as 9-1 in most pictures, but in a detailed picture then as 13-1. In the drawings, the steering linkage appears as number 14. Once you have that mentally prepared, the assembly is almost a breeze.


As tools, I had an Allen wrench with a Phillips screwdriver at the long end (which I did not need) and a block key (10 or 12).


The assembly was easy. Take the fork and remove the two screws for the time being. Furthermore, the clamp at the top of the spar must be loosened and removed. Then align the plastic sleeves on the axle (pedals at the same time) so that they can be threaded on the fork. Then insert the screws from the front into the holes provided and tighten with the two self-locking nuts using the block wrench.

Place the mudguard on the fork leg and align it with the plate (there is only one correct direction). Then thread the fork in the hole provided in the frame, put the front basket on the part of the spar, which looks out over the hole in the frame. Then put the clamp back on the spar but at best tighten it slightly. Then put the handlebar in the bar (you have a little clearance with the height here) and tighten the clamp with the Allen key. Theoretically, it should not matter, but in the instruction video, the screw of the clamp was aligned forward and the plastic cover after that as well.

I then fixed the seat. There are two positions that allow the seat to be attached a little further forward or backward. The corresponding nuts can be tightened by hand.

Remove the protective sleeves from the rear of the frame where the axles connect the wheels and frame. Then place the brakes (marked R and L) on each side. Thread the axle through the respective wheel and then insert it into the frame. One can notice a very gentle “click” when snapping into place. At the wheels, the gear-like structures come inwards, because there engages each of the brake mechanism.

Now thread the steering linkage through the hole in the mudguard and welded sheet metal (on the fork) (only one orientation) and lead back to the extension of the steering mechanism. There comes a half-round protective plastic sleeve over the sheet welded to the extension and the steering linkage is secured with a self-locking nut using the block wrench. Two locknuts and a further self-locking nut help restrict the play of the steering linkage.

Last but not least, click together on the parental link and insert it into the hole provided in the frame. The orientation is one-to-one. At the back remove the screw from the frame and mount the basket

Finally, I want to tell you that you can find a detailed installation video of this tricycle on youtube.


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