I have been looking to get a new scooter for my 3 year old and 5 year old sons

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The chances are if you are a parent then you are likely to have a one or more scooters in your house. Scooters are now just as trendy as bicycles and are becoming and increasingly popular way for kids to get around.They are easier to maneuver and best of all they are extremely fun for kids to use.
I have been looking to get a new scooter for my 3 year old and 5 year old sons. However there are so many scooters to choose from on the market, so where is the best place to start? Well after searching through many different brands, I came across a brand called “Fascol”. Fascol is a children’s company that particularly specialise in scooters for babies and children as well children toilet training. They are also always looking at product research and I like that they are such an innovative company. The company originated its design in China but it appears to be doing very well in the Europe now and you can have the scooter shipped here to the UK (perfect)!
I have had scooters in the past from Tesco for my eldest when he was just three years old and he found it so hard to use, which left him not using the scooter. Therefore this time I wanted a good scooter that he (now 5) and his younger brother would both be able to use. When coming across the Fascol brand I noticed that they have specifically designed their scooters to providing the very best riding experience for your child and the Fascol Surfing Baby Scooter they have designed definitely fits this description so I thought it was worth checking out.
The surfing baby scooter includes a glider with flashing lights and has won must-baby gift for baby in 2016. It has a flexible hand brake and rear brake to provide kid total control and safety, which is perfect for youngsters who need help controlling the scooter. It also benefits from having a unique design to prevent sharp dangerous turns, leading it to be more steady for young riders.
I am really excited about this scooter and trying it out, they have also had some amazing reviews online. Check it out yourself and let me know what you think.

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