Install the children’s scooter in 5 minutes by children themselves

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This article is a review from an Italy Blogger and Mother for DIY Splicing scooters:

Today I introduce the scooter for my son of the brand Fascol, I liked it because it is the children’s scooter that they mount alone in 5 minutes.

Easy to assemble and use, my baby does not get tired. To go to school, or even when he has to accompany me, always comes out with his new scooter.

This scooter has many advantages:
– Get it in pieces. But it’s very easy to assemble. My son did it in less than 5 minutes, as you can see from the photo.
– has a lightweight that allows it to be easily transportable throughout the time
– bends so that it does not clog
– has an integrated safety system

It exists in different colors, for my son I took it red but it is very beautiful even in yellow.

For more information and if you want, your son also enjoys a new, practical and, above all, fun, scooter, go to their website .

This scooter has mounted my second son of 9 years in a few minutes (see video). He was destined to my nephew who has two, but he does not want to separate. With the excuse that the cousin does not have the garden and we do, so here it will be easier for him to play, he did not let me bring him to his house.

Then who knows how every time the cousin comes home Fascol is not found … 😉

If your son is bigger there are models for kids of the same brand and even for adults if you want to make a parent/child race.

Toddler DIY Splicing Scooter-Red


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