Istanbul airport attacks lead to the problem of children’safety

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Istanbul airport attacks  is a concern of terrorist attacks,  According to statistics,  Suspected ISIL bombers kill 36 and wound dozens at Istanbul airport.  and the European leaders published condemnation and words of  solidarity swiftly about this attacks.they said:“I want to say to all of the Turkish people that we consider ourselves united with them in the fight against terror.” they also pointed out that France President need to Strengthen the fight against terrorism because of France recent terror attacks still rise.  we should know that Brexit meeting in Brussels so the leaders contidue to say:“We must act, that’s what we are also doing in Europe and France,  and coordinate further our security services and carry out as much as possible the necessary actions against terrorism and trafficking.”

Through the attacks,  we can see that the people of each country are very concerned about security,  Attack is significant of the entire national security incidents. so, many people concerned about it. However,As  for parents, their children’s safety is also the biggest things. therefore, parents  choose toys for their children should also focus on the security about the products.

Nowadays,many a child like riding, and parents in order to practice children’s courage,they may buy scooter or bicycle for their kids, so before buying the product need more understand the product performance, materials, etc., the most important thing is testing the safety of the product.

There are several ways to test the security . first, the product should non-toxic,without smell, and stable.when the kid ride it by himself is not easy to fall down. Beside, parents also should take their children to join some activity in outside so that the kid be more outgoing and friendly.

one day, my friend told me her son often ask her to play with him outdoor, but she is very busy can’t accompany her son,but she did not agree her son go outside because of her son always complainItem Weight 6 Kg Product Dimensions 25 x 18 x 93 cm Manufacturer recommended age: 3 years and up Manufacturer reference 584886647 Assembly Required No Batteries Required? No Batteries Included? No Remote Control Included? No Color Blueed that he get pain from fall down. then her son was unhappy and did not talk with her. so she want to buy a wonderful product which can protect her son.  It is coincidence that I brought a Children’s bicycles on fascol for my daughter Tina  and Tina love it very much .I introduce  this to my friend ,then she brought a Push Swivel Tricycle , her son ride it in yard, the most important is that he can ride alone and did not fell down , After this, her son become happy and her home full of laughter. she thanks me very much.

we should focus on children heath include body and soul, buy a useful toy is very important. if you don not have time play with your child ,you can let them play with their friend. at this point, you only need provide a tool for them to play outdoor,.you can buy these product on the official website of Fascol.


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