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We got so far only try a kickboard over Fascol, but it clearly was talk of a product designed for adults and then can support more weight, here we find ourselves faced with a scooter for children.

– Unboxing –

The package contains scootering well sealed both the handlebars and the body and the wheels, a manual of instructions and everything you need to assemble it in no time, you will find .In addition of protection for the knees and elbows of the child.


First you have to assemble it, you can use the manual to do it, it will not take much time because it is simply hook the top to the bottom and adjust the height and length of the product, which allows a maximum weight of 70 Kg, so do not overdo it, after all we talk about a product for children 6/7 years or so.

Scootering like any other on the market, after all, it saves valuable space in your home, as it is foldable, enabling you to store under the bed or a mobile floor. And ‘advisable to use only on smooth surfaces, possibly in the house if you have long corridors or large areas. It not is powered the child will be found to push with his foot as the ancient scooters to get around.


Aesthetically appealing to children, made with medium-quality materials for both the body of the same that for all other components. The wheels although they are covered with a rubber to allow an easy grip and good resistance may break with excessive weights or anyway higher than the norm, for as much as already said is advisable to use in moderation. Despite it illuminates the dark is not advisable to use in environments with no light.

– Conclusions –

Definitely a good gift for Christmas that’s for sure, but do not expect a quality product excellent, personally expensive for what it offers.

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