Kick scooter buying guide

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The choose and buy of the children’s scooter and use guide
Scooter like roller skating, can exercise the baby’s sense of balance, sensitivity and coordination.The difference is that roller skating on limbs more balance, while the scooter by two hands grasp balance, body, waist, arms and legs as a whole to cooperate.
Exercise requires
Hands hold handlebar, seize can, need not too tight, so that the car is moving back and forth to adjust direction;One foot stands on the plate, the other foot backward push hard on the ground, to go up, on the ground sliding feet up or on the floors;Push the frequency of the faster, the greater the strength, the car go faster;If you want the car to stop, the foot brake slowly glide, waiting for the bus stop to rear can fall to the ground.
To adapt age: more than three and a half years old

More than three and a half years old child can learn scooter, learning before, had better have the experience of riding a tricycle, baby this is convenient for mastering the technique of handlebar control vehicles steering;Children using scooter, baby can quickly master the methods of bicycle taxi, help on two wheels of the bicycle in the future.
Matters needing attention
Slightly lower the height of the handlebars and the child’s chest, conducive to the baby wrap, too baobao gao not conducive to control handlebar, too low to use long will feel tired.
Usually, handlebar and body into the vertical direction, only when turning to twist the handlebars, if handlebar always turn left or right, the car will be one direction, the baby may easily fall down.Of course easy to fall and the size of the wheels, material use also related, big wheels and the material is soft, the greater the role of the buffer, it’s safe to many small ditch or uneven pavement.
Select people relatively little place, the ground is flat, it is best to asphalt or cement pavement, unfavorable on the smooth marble floor do the sport;Speed also wants moderate.

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