What Kind of Transportation Do You Use to Go to Work?

adult kick bike

In this fast-paced metropolis, people are always in a hurry, it’s rare that you notice the same person twice outside of your regular routine. However, almost every morning I see the same man: he is well groomed, nicely cut suit. In fact, you might also be him, or umpteen others like him. He wouldn’t come to attract attention amongst the hubbub if it just weren’t for one blazing anomaly, but he caught my attention because he rides a kick scooter to work.Every time I wonder why he rides a kick scooter to work because he dresses so well and most people think riding the scooter to work will make them become fatigued.

Actually, adults riding the scooter is not a rare phenomenon. we often ride our kick scooter in our leisure time to see the scenery along the way, sometimes we also ride the scooter with kids in the park to enjoy the fun of riding the scooter with family. our friend usually said: the scooter is quicker than walking, greener than the car, and burn calories. so it’s clear why scooter has become so popular in such a short space of time.

According to some manufacturers of adult scooters, Fascol, Micro, Razor, “over the last two years, the demand for adult scooters has grown exponentially. We are continuing to see huge growth in adult scooter sales”. they believe adult scooter sales will account for a large share of their business.

However, there are still fewer people riding the kick scooter to work. you will either use a car or combine different kinds of public transportation, right? Because individual’s appearance is very important when you come to work, individual’s appearance can reflect your mental state. if you riding a scooter to work, your clothes and hairstyle will be affected. This is one reason why people do not choose scooters as their main means of transportation.

As for me, my family members are like riding the scooter, each of us has our own scooter. we ride our scooter to enjoy a short journey, riding our scooter to work, to school. I believe there will be more and more people choose to ride a scooter to work.

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