My chlidrens can be safe play in the outdoor

tandem tricycle

Today  my son Tim ask me:”mom,can I  play outdoor ?” I agreed his request.then he  went outside with his  Tricycle Tandem Stroller and played with his friends.618WVAimxgL._SL1010_

 In the past I always worried about the safety of my son and I did not dare to let him alone playing outdoors because Tim often get hurt from fell down .however,since I brought the Tricycle Tandem Strolle on the official website of Fascol ,I encourage Tim learn to play with himself,of course,Tim play for the first time,I ‘m worried about insecurity .so I accompany him play a few times, then,I found that Tim did not need me ,he can do it better,because tricycle tandem stroller has good security with the three wheels. Tim was not easy to fall .the most importment thing is that he fell in love with his hew Tricycle Tandem Stroller ,Tim often said:“mom, I Like it ,it makes me happy ,and my friends were envy I can ride by myself. Tim is becoming confident and  brave.”

Tim has a lot of toy cars,but this stroller is his  favorite,In some of his toy car will have the smell of plastic,so he did not like pay with them and asked me to buy a new toy car for him .but when he has the tricycle tandem stroller,he like to play with it and and for a long time have no asked me to buy a new day ,I asked him:”do you want to buy a new bicycle”,he said:”NO,I like my tricycle tandem stroller.”then ,I curiously asked :”why you  want to change your other toy ,” he said:”because those toy cars make me uncomfortbal,they will send out some bad smell,but the tricyle tandem stroller without smell.

As we all know ,the poor material will have a smell,and toxic,so kids always ask us to change their toies , I feel very lucky, I can buy a contentment of the cart, A month ago I also need to  watched Tim when he was riding, but now I can assured to let him play in the yard, and I can do some housework,read some books,or do some thing that I want to do .As for me ,the tricycle tandem stroller not only makes Tim joy,but also bring me happiness.

Everyday,Tim ride it by himself  in the yard ,sometime,he Invite his good friends to play so mothers take their kids to join the party at my home .I communicate with mothers,Tim paly with his friend and share his toy with his friends,when they  saw Tim riding himself, they were stunned,and praise Tim was brave.I’m also proud of Tim’s brave.After the party,mothers wonder to buy the tricycle tandem stroller for their kids.I am very grateful Fascol manufacturing of this product with high security,after we have it,our childrens full of laughter and health rather than cry and hurt .

If you hope your kid become strong ,you should buy a tricycle tandem stroller for him/her,they can ride it without your care,because they are very can buy it on the official website of Fascol.


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