New Affiliate System is Adopted by Fascol – Make Easy Money with Your Media


After several days of dedicated hard work, Fascol succeeds in applying the new affiliate program to Influencers and affiliate marketers.  The commission rate reaching up to 20% is much higher than Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Banggood, Target and Gearbest and so on, which make it much worth to have a try to Bloggers, Facebook/Youtube/Pinterest influencers and anyone others have a media online.


How to use the affiliate system? Click the link below.

How to use the affiliate system?

It’s easy to set it up in a minute.


The most important –

Commission Rate:

New registers rank Basic first, which is 10% commision for each sell;

When you help us sell over 50 Euro product, you own 15% for each sell as Premium rank;

When you help us sell over 100 Euro product, you own 20% for each sell as Ultimate rank.

rank affiliate

The commission will be sent to your Paypal account immediately.

Affiliate Register Page


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