Parenting Tips for the Lazy

So I’ve learned a couple of things over the years I’ve had the pleasure of parenting. This is a quick blog to share with you some practical tips for parenting – ways to maximise time and minimise energy.

  1. Buy a wall calendar. If you’re super clever and super organised get a 1-year calendar. But at least a full month calendar. And write in the damn thing. Bills you need to pay. Appointments you need to keep. Goals for the week. Meetings. Runs. Kid commitments etc. Get them down somewhere where you can see them. Take a photo of it, then when someone asks if you’re free going to your album and have a quick look. Add the appointment onto the image (via your phone) or text it to yourself and add it to the calendar when you get home. Then take a new photo.2017calendar
  2. Say no. To all of the excess stuff. Like why are each of your 3 kids playing two sports each? Each sport consists of training, some twice a week, then games. So why are your running yourself ragged trying to be the queen of all parents by getting your kid to be extremely tired and mentally drained 3 times per week per sport? Don’t do it. Just say no. My kids can choose one sport a year that is outside of school time. A year. Otherwise, play sport at school during school time because I am so time poor it’s either sports time or family time – and I choose family time kiddo.say no
  3. Use youtube. Youtube, how to organise a birthday party on a budget, how to make easy cupcakes, Khan Academy, how to organise your wardrobe. Youtube can save you time and money. Find cheap and practical ways to entertain, teach and organise your family, home and children. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR youtube
  4. Teach your kids manners. When you have well behaved, respectful, thoughtful and helpful children other people invite them over for all sorts of fun things all of the time. Don’t be that parent that is always trying to get rid of your kid/s and has nothing to offer. Don’t be that parent that turns up empty handed to birthdays or get-togethers. When a kid is easy to be around and you drop them off with a box of cereal and some milk, or a ball and a bat or something that is actually awesome to live then you will get yourself babysitters whenever you need. Time out for you both/all is important.teach toddler manners
  5. Cull the negativity. Throw out that broken chair. Get rid of the clothes from 2004 that you don’t even wear anymore. Donate the ball dress(es) you’ve worn twice in 10 years and are likely to never wear it again (and seriously if it’s 10 years old you need an upgrade anyway). If you have a ‘friend’ that is constantly making you feel like shit, re-evaluate the situation and MOVE ON or AWAY asap. Ain’t nobody got time fo’dat. You are a better and more patient parent when your environment is organised and peaceful and when you have only positive, uplifting people in your life.donate clothes sho
  6. Do that thing you’ve been wanting to do for ages. Take Italian cooking classes, learn massage skills, how to paint a bedroom, grow that herb garden, enrol into your Masters, take that Sparky course. Whatever it is, do it. Don’t have time? Make time. Don’t have a babysitter (refer #4) and find a babysitter. Or take the baby. Upskill yourself. Constantly improve and push yourself. Not too much, but just enough to keep you motivated and to keep you growing. If you’re staying stagnant and you haven’t developed much over the past 12 months you need to self-reflect. Join that sports team, volunteer at that shop, meet new people. Get up and get cracking.say yes to live
  7. End negative self-talk. Self-mastery is actually a thing. Learn it. Youtube has some great clips actually. Thinking, fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman is a great book – or if you spend a lot of time travelling get it on Kindle and listen to it in the car, on a plane or if you are cleaning the house at home. Your mind will immediately, constantly and consistently come up with reasons to NOT do something. It will make excuses and justifications to just chill at home and to go back to bed, to not join that team, to not read that book or to just give up generally. You need to recognise that and push yourself beyond that thinking. The 5-second rule by Mel Robbins is legendary in this aspect. Read them both.

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