Parents: put your phones down and play with your children

There is one short video goes viral lately and it gets millions and millions attention for all parents. You can watch it here just below. It’s a test of how dangerous it is when parents are addicted to their smartphones and pay no attention to their kids. People can possibly abduct or kidnap your kids even in front of you, how terrifying that is!

It’s not a secret that the adults spend more and more time playing with their smartphones. But when you are a parent and taking care your kid, that would be a serious problem and it is not only about security. Children need attention, interaction, and communication to develop language ability and learn to build the relationship of intimacy with people, especially for those toddlers who are at very young age.

From this go-viral video, many young parents have realized their problems. But what should they do if they don’t play with phones that they have been used to? Some of them are still confused and have no idea what to do. Here are 5 tips you can consider when you are together with children.

🔅1: Read a book
For all children, they will never forget the times when their parents read a story to them. It’s not only the book and story engages them but the security and intimacy they feel being with parents together. This so-called joint attention is a crucial part of communication and language development. It is also important for children to develop social skill and allow them to share their experiences with another one and also see someone else’s point of view.

🔅 2: Take a walk
Go to a park or just go camping with your child. Say things like: “Look at this blue sky,” or “Smell this rose. It smells so good.” Toddlers especially love exploring and tend to ask a lot of questions for parents along the way! Nature walking encourages kids’ innate curiosity about nature and the world.

🔅 3: Play with animals
Animals are children’s best friends. There are so many similarities between animals and children. You will find there is so much fun and so many connections when you watch your kids play with animals. At home, you can let your children play with your pets, dogs, cats, birds, fish, whatever it is. When you are out, you can bring your kids to a zoo or an aquarium where variated animals are waiting for your children to explore and play with. Animals play an important role to build friendship, trust and intimacy relationship.

🔅 4: play old games
Traditional interactive children’s games like “Duck, duck goose,” “Simon says” and “London bridge is falling down.” All of these games have an important purpose: they provide face-to-face interaction, Activities like blowing kisses, waving bye-bye, and clapping hands help a child build social interaction and conversation skills.

🔅 5: play sports together
Interaction is the key, parents must understand and follow this. Playing sports together is always a great idea to spend time with children. Whatever it is Basketball, Football, Baseball or any other sports. Besides all the benefits above, you and your children will get a better physique, what about that? You can also participate in some children sports like kicking scooter. For example, Fascol DIY splicing scooter allows you to assemble the scooter with your children together, which will enhance your children’s hands-on ability. They also provide products like tricycle scooter for toddlers who can sit in so they won’t ever leave your sight, and of course, there is no one who can abduct or kidnap your kids in front of you.


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