Fascol Children Balance Bike Green

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FIRST GIFT FOR BABY: This balance bike is suitable for babies from 14 months to 5 years from 78 to 110 cm. The balance bike can not only help to learn to walk in infancy, it can also train their balance and strengthen the muscles of the legs. With this balance bike, babies would be more interested in learning to walk, parents can keep their hands free during parental leave

SAFE AND STABLE: The frame of the learning balance bike is made of carbon steel and has PU leather seats, which are comfortable and durable. In addition, the saddle-style seat cushion is tilted upward, which can effectively prevent tipping back and protect the baby’s safety. It’s soft and non-slip and limits steering by 135 ° to avoid falling

NOISELESS CLOSED WHEELS: The impeller has 4 wear-resistant, quiet EVA wheels. The fully closed wheels effectively protect the baby’s legs from crushing. In addition, the EVA wheels do not damage the ground and are suitable for a wide variety of road surfaces. Riding both indoors and outdoors is the perfect playmate for children

EASY INSTALLATION: It only takes 3 steps to complete the installation, which makes the installation process a lot easier for parents. There is no protruding nut on the surface of the impeller, and the surface has been carefully and smoothly processed, which perfectly protects the children’s skin

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: It measures 25-29cm from the seat cushion to the floor, which is suitable for most babies to ride. Parents can adjust the height of the seat to the size of the baby. In addition, the weight of the wheel is 2.9 kg, which is light but stable

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