How to Make a Better Video or Review for Fascol

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Recently we invited some famous people online who have made great testing videos and reviews with detailed information for us. Your work is great and it helps our customers know better about how the product works and why it’s safer than other products in market. And we appreciate it much!


To make it even better in the near future, we’d give you some kind suggestions below. However, it’s all your choice to follow or discard. We’ll respect your ideas and opinions because you’re more professional and creative.


We wish your review shows the following details of product, Below are the suggestions:

1.Please highlight the brand —” FASCOL” in your video and picture

2.Please include the information of product in your review, people can know the information on the Fascol official website. Let’s take the surfing baby scooter as an example:

Product parameters:

It is a scooter suitable for children aged 4 years + and supports a maximum weight of up to 60 kg, customers can choose one of the three colors including : black, pink and blue.

blueberry mini deluxeProduct bullet point:

It is a scooter with compression non-slip base, preventing the sharp dangerous turn, safe design (If you want to turn right you have to put your weight on the right, It can’t turn directly to hurt the hand or chest of our baby, it’s safer), dual brake( hand brake and rear brake), PU flash damping wheel, the C shape bar can prevent children from hard crash on the wall and other obstacles. The reason why the scooter is not foldable is that one piece design makes it more sturdy and able to shoulder more weight.

Product description:

It is best to show the product by a true experience that can help customer to know the pleasure and fun of playing surfing baby scooter, and in most time this scooter can be chosen as a gift for birthdays or festival like Christmas.

3.Please take photos and videos as much as possible when your child play the product and highlight the advantages. it is best to show a scene that your child hit obstacles but being prevented by the C shape scooter frame design. Besides, shooting children playing proficiently is preferred, laughter is the best.

If you have any better idea,  please do not hesitate to use it in your videos or reviews.


mini morris

A review example:

Fascol … for the fun of most ‘children!












Videos to help our little star learns better:

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