Review From Lydia |Mini Folding Scooter Blue

In this house they do not lack vehicles for my children to leave home, tricycle, scooters, motorcycles, bicycle … Depending on the age they have been choosing one or the other (or depends on what they want that day).

The little one in the house has inherited things, his sister’s tricycle (pink), which has never liked us to take him there, the micro scooter with seat (of course, one day the biggest claimed as his own) … And in Christmas brought him a motorbike of this type suitable for the street, but with his skill with the scooter, maybe it was a little back skills, but with what he liked those of others we could not resist.

You can tell that the two years are here, because he was picking up his sister’s big, empty, Fascol scooter, and he wanted to investigate other ways to get around, so the arrival of Fascol‘s new folding scooter, Gone wonderfully. It was her first birthday present.

3-Wheel Folding Scooter

This scooter is characterized by the following:

  •  It is light
  •  It has 3 wheels
  •  Foldable
  •  Light wheels
  • Brake at the base
  • Weight up to 25kg


You can see it on your website, or the link at the end of the Amazon post where I bought it and in 24 hours had it at home. The fact that it weighs little makes it super manageable for children so small, especially when they have to go down some sidewalk and turn (because at first they get down and turn it at a blow). The 3 wheels makes it super stable for children so small, maybe from 4 or 5 years and you do not need them and can go with a 2 wheel, but at the moment it is super necessary this third wheel of support, because Facilitates driving, and also learns balance and handling.

The brake at the base is a test for them to learn more balance, because at first it is difficult to coordinate the step back, but it is something they learn fast, and they brake by wearing the tip of the shoe and ready (oh lord with what they cost Shoes haha) That is foldable is great to take you on vacation, or from place to place. We are very much in the car thanks for picking up (the other one from Fascol does not fold and is a little uncomfortable to keep). The theme of the luminous wheels is bullshit, the truth. It is mostly seen at night, during the day sometimes it is not appreciated, but it is a cool effect and to the children these things lure them. My daughter with her scooter stopped for other children to see the wheels.

This scooter has 2 different colors to choose from, blue and pink (colors very evident for boy / girl). The blue that is the one of my little one is a blue very luminous, very alive.

The scooter and my son

Now I will tell you when the package arrived home, how they like to open packages !, and try to guess what it is! By the shape of the box, my son said that if it was a guitar …

At home he tried it and said “baby does not know”, but on the street he got a little better, in fact said “this skate runs a lot”

He still has to learn, loses his balance sometimes, does not control the turns, but is as happy with a skate as his older sister. In 4 days you will have it mastered. I’ll tell you about Instagram and Facebook.

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