Story Time: Scooter and Scooterette

happy SiblingsMeet Fascol and Nancy. Two of Berlin’s most hip and chick kids.
A photograph shows the duo on the day that their lives were changed from ordinary to super happy scooter and scooter-ette.

On the day the two cruised to Frankfurt International School on their stylish wheels, all took notice. A magical spring time experience when there wasn’t a student who didn’t want to know about their good fortune in getting the most cool, chick, stylish scooters that anyone had ever seen. They had lot’s of bling and flash to go along with their bright bold colors.

As soon as Jack and Lily saw them ride into the school yard, they knew that they lost their title of being the coolest kids on scooters. Though pretty, Jack and Lily’s scooters were very ordinary. Two wheels in no way could match the three wheels that Fascol and Nancy were riding. Surely they must be magic. With every revolution of their turning wheels, sparkles of lights swirled and blinked like a fire engine and flying saucer.

They had no choice. To defend their coolest title, Jack and Lily challenged Fascol and Nancy to a scooter show down at recess. Behind the school were outdoor basketball courts, the perfect place to put scooters through their paces and show off the skills of the machines and their riders.

Nancy was worried. She never was in a competition before but she loved her stylish scooter and she always practiced with her safety gear. Fascol enjoyed that their three wheeled scooters were the center of attention. Jack was a show off and a bully and now he wasn’t happy that Fascol had the coolest scooter wheels in town.

Jack had a plan. He would win the competition and show everybody just how slow and clumsy three wheels are compared to his two wheels. Jack began bragging to the other students how he was Mr. Scooter and no flashing wheeled strangely bent toys were able to stand up to his skills and his scooter.

Fascol reminded Nancy that she didn’t have anything to worry about. They were wearing their safety gear, their scooters were designed for safety and they were going to have fun, no matter if they won or not. It’s not about the winning, but about having fun and showing others just how special their scooters really are.

The bell for afternoon recess sounded. They had twenty minutes to go to the gym or to go outside on the playground. All the kids heard about the scooter showdown and all the kids went out to the playground to watch the fun. Their was a lot of excitement and as the four competitors rolled their machines to the starting line on the basketball court, all the kids stepped back to let them pass, cheering their names.

If looks could win a scooter competition, Nancy and Fascol had already won. But would their scooters perform well in front of the whole student body of Frankfurt International? Nancy kept repeating to herself, Fascol’s words. “It isn’t about winning, it’s about having fun and being safe.” Fascol’s smile gave him the handsome appearance of a winner. All the girls were smiling back at him as he made his way to the starting line up. Yes, and all the boys were smiling at Nancy, every bit a cute as her scooter.

Safety cones were placed and the rules simply explained that speed wasn’t necessary to win the competition but more important were the maneuvers in and out of the cones in the quickest time. The boys were first to compete first and then the girls. Fascol lined up with Jack and at the signal, Jack was first out with stronger legs but Fascol quickly caught up on the first obstacle. In his haste, Jack went outside of a cone and Fascol turned and leaned into the turn, passing Jack. Every obstacle was a challenge to Jack because he was going to fast too show off his bully strength. He couldn’t understand how Fascol had so much better control. The finish line didn’t need a stop watch to confirm the winner. Fascol was light speed ahead Jack by three scooter length’s.

In the girls competition, it was the same, except Lily was ahead for three obstacles and made the mistake of looking back and lost control and wobbled her scooter off course and into some bushes. Nancy easily continued on to win her first competition. Her course time even beat Jack’s time. What a double win.

Jack was embarrassed by his bragging and then his defeat but still he had to know why Fascol and Nancy had so much more control? “Yeah” echoed Lily. Fascol was happy to explain that their scooters protective design prevented them from sharp dangerous turns and their rear hand brake was activated when needed. Also the comfortable rubber grip handles prevented sweaty competition hands and then there was the durable quiet ride tires, perfect for home street riding and in the park riding. “And basketball court competition riding,” Jack laughed as he held out his hand to congratulate Fascol and Nancy.

The kids were cheering and laughing as they walked back into school, recess was over and what an exciting recess it was. Even the teachers were seen looking out the school windows. It was more fun than watching a TV episode of Die Sendung mit der Maus.. the end…


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