Scooter foster the children’s social skills


Baby social skills analysis

Baby’s social skills, has emerged at very early age, and as parents, we should seize this opportunity to develop your baby’s social skills. After all, the baby have to enter the community and get along with others!

When the baby was born, he/she begin to observe the things around. We can not regard him as a baby who know nothing, talk to your baby as much as possible to help the baby to know the people and things around.

With the baby growing up, his/her expression will be more and more. facial expressions and gestures would be the most commonly method of communication used by baby. when she/he Awu~Awu~talking to mothers,mothers have to respond, because it is a good opportunity to get along with baby and is the first step to achieve the baby’s social skill. when she waving his/her hands to express happy,mothers must be happy too. when the baby’s expression to get a response, he (she) will receive a positive stimulus, she/he will like expressing emotion in the future.

Expression is the first step to study social for baby, if the mother careful observation will find that your baby has  a variety of expression methods: smiling, shouting, crying, waving, focus, etc. when the baby’s signals were sent out and get a response, In fact, the baby has completed a communicative tasks. gradually, the baby will learn a lot of ways to speak and know how to communicate with this time you should often take you baby out for a walk and initiative to introduce your baby when you meet other baby,then they will gesturing and greet each.although small baby can’t express in words but they understand the actions between them, how it is magical.




How to train the baby’s social skills

Game is the most effective ways to train baby’s cooperation skills, parents should encourage their baby to participate in games, let them play into other children. through the game help child to get rid of the “self-center” and get into the group, invite friends of your children to come home, as soon as the baby have friends even if  only one, invite him to your house to play immediately.Taking advantage of the opportunity can teach children to study hospitality, learning to help others, learn to share toys. if your kids share the delicious food with his/her friend, parents should give timely praise and encouragement, and it will greatly stimulate the desire of the children with fellow long-term friendly. at the same time, parents also can open up a “playground” at home, then your child and his friends can play in it. of course you need to pay attention to child’s reactions and feelings in the process of the game. once they friction, loose their temper and start to noisy, parents should stop and give correct guidance, tell the baby what should be in dating, what should not.

Select a suitable toys for your child so that he/she can play it with his/her friend. purchase some toys which can let children contact closely, such as dolls, scooter and model. girls can dress up her dolls together with her friends, boys can transform his model with his friends, as for scooter, both girls and boys can play with their friend ,they can riding outside, In the process of playing scooter, the children can help each other, become strong and brave together.


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