Teach your child how to ride a scooter in 10 simple steps

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Enseñe a su hijo a andar en scooter en 10 sencillos pasos

Un niño en un scooter es una fuerza sin miedo. Pronto su hijo va a querer una moto y que no será ble negar su deseo. Cuando ha llegado el momento de enseñar a su hijo a montar un scooter que tiene que proporcionar-_him_ con lecciones y orientación global para que el amargo Que él monta perfectamente sin la preocupación de ser heridos.

Fascol surfing baby scooter

To begin with first provide your child with all the safety equipment and make sure that you buy them a kick scooter like the Fascol surfing baby scooter.

10 Steps to teach your child how to ride a scooter

In the beginning, your child will experience some falls and he might be frustrated. However, with these simple steps, he will ride the scooter like a professional in no time.


1.      Teach him the basics:

Before your child gets his feet on the scooter, you must teach him how to operate it. Tell him about its different parts and their uses and make him learn the fundamentals of riding a scooter. Fascol surfing baby scooter has been manufactured with brakes to ensure the extra safety of your child. Encourage your child to use every part of the scooter and enhance his confidence so that he will not be scared of riding.


2.      Show him how to do it:

Kids learn better by copying their elders. So demonstrate by letting them watch you. You can also show them a video that will make it easy for them to learn how to scoot.

1.      Start indoors:

In the beginning, it is better that, your kid learns to ride the scooter indoors. You can take him to your backyard as the area with grass will be perfect for learning and there will be least chances of any serious injury. Soon he will become better at riding it.

Fascol surfing baby scooter

2.      Take a slow start:

At first, they will explore the scooter and see what they can do with it. They might not stand on it and just drag it around the house. Let them use it the way they want as it will make them trust their new toy and soon you will not be able to stop them from riding it.

3.      Strap and pull:

In case your kid is scared of riding the scooter the most interesting way is to strap the scooter and make your child stand on it. Now pull the scooter around the house and let your child experience the ride. Pull the scooter at a different speed and let them have some fun. Soon he will start enjoying it and it will be easier for him to start kicking the scooter himself.

4.      Teach them how to balance:

If your kid wants to ride the scooter, they will have to learn how to balance it first. Encourage them to do it by doing simple exercises with them. Teach them to stand on the deck with both feet and hold the handles. Then make them put their one foot on the ground while holding the handles. Next step is to teach them to lift the foot off the ground without falling. Stay beside them all the time and just in case they lose their balance be there to support them so that they will not lose their confidence.


5.      Take them outdoor:

Once the kid is riding the scooter perfectly in the house, it is the right time to take them outdoor. First, you have to select the right place where the surface should be smooth, flat and not very hard. Take them to the nearest parks and playgrounds as they provide the perfect place to ride a scooter. Select a time when there are not many people around and let your child have some fun.

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6.      Do not make them tired:

Do not force or make your child learn how to ride the scooter for a long time because soon he will become tired and frustrated. Take 10 to 15 minutes of the learning process every day until he starts to enjoy the ride because then he will ride the scooter as long as he likes.

7.      Notice the progress:

It is important that you notice the progress they are making even if it is a minor change in the speed. Praise them so that they will feel like they have accomplished a great thing and they will work hard to make more improvements. Teaching your child to ride a scooter is a very slow and frustrating process but once they get a hold of it there is nothing you can do to stop them from riding it at a high-speed.

8.      Make it challenging:

Every kid loves challenges and to make the learning process fun it is advised that you challenge your kid every day to accomplish a new task with the scooter. Once they accomplish the task, award them with a surprise gift. Do not pressurize them, as it will affect their desire to learn. Make sure that the challenges you assign them are easy for them to accomplish.

Make the right choice

It is very important that you select the right scooter for your kid. To provide them with a nice and smooth ride the handles of the scooter should be of waist length and the wheels should be bigger to make it easier to control the scooter.

fascol riding for baby

So teach your child the necessary skills and let them enjoy the ride of the scooter on their own. Make sure that you do the safety check every time before taking them outside. Stay near them and enjoy all the beautiful moments during the learning process, as they will turn into perfect memories.


Therefore, it is advised that you select the Fascol surfing baby scooter as it is manufactured with all the essential safety measure. It will be easier to trust the surfing baby scooter as we guarantee its durability, strength, and performance.

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