The Best Outdoor Toys for Toddler in The 2018 Spring

Spring is coming soon, In spring, the weather is warmer and all things recovery. It is the best time to take the children outgoing and do outdoor exercise. Let children run and jump in the embrace of nature to help children grow up healthy. Riding bike or tricycle is a very popular sport of the toddlers’ outdoor sports. It’s good for kiddos to ride the tricycle, but before riding, safety measures should be done well. In order to make the child happy and safe. it is necessary for parents to pay attention to the following points.

Choose the right bike/tricycle

Children are inseparable from bicycles and tricycles in their childhood, which can bring more happiness to children. Every child wants to have a bike that belongs to his own. To keep your baby safe, choose a tricycle/bike that is safe and suitable for your baby to play.

If your child is less than one year old, the tricycle with a pushrod is more suitable. at that time, the baby can not ride alone,  but they also yearn for cycling. They also want to go outdoors and feel the beauty of nature. the toddler tricycle will be your good helper, you just need to put your child on a tricycle and push her to outdoors. you control the direction by the pushrod. Another advantage is that when the child can ride alone, the pushrod can be removed and the child can ride on his own.

For the toddler from 2-3 years old, the bike without pedals is a perfect product. Why do I recommend the balance bike instead of a bicycle? the balance bike is more suitable for the toddler than the bike. Many people say that the balance bike is the child’s first bike because it can help the toddler to learn to ride a bike faster. And using a balance bike can help children learn to control the direction and develop balance ability.

Do a good job of protection

Riding is not only an interesting game but also a physical exercise. Nowadays, more and more parents are willing to spend time with their babies to ride bikes, but it is easy to neglect the safety protection. Always teach your child to wear the safety helmet and protective gear before riding. In addition, it is recommended to wear sports shoes, not barefoot, slippers, sandals, etc.

Check the bike/tricycle condition regularly

Don’t think that a child’s bike is simple, and the riding time is short, so it’s not necessary to check the bike regularly. It’s also dangerous. Parents should check the handlebars, axle, and brake regularly to hear if the sound is normal. In addition, you should pay more attention to the height of the bike seat, check if the seat height is suitable for your child, the child’s growth rate is fast, should adjust the height in time.

This spring, give your toddlers 👧👦 a new choice, and you’ll find that they are really great and brave 💪





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