The Kids Swivel Scooter

swivel wiggle scooter for baby

Toys have always played an important role in the lives of children. Often they reflect the culture of the time and indicate the cultural changes and social trends, as can be seen in museums and toy libraries around the world. Although today’s toys seem to be different from those of old, the purpose of the toys has always been the same: to bring joy and pleasure, and create opportunities to enhance learning and development.

Toys add magic and excitement to learning about life, how things work and how to get along with others. Knowing how to choose toys that promote healthy play expands the cognitive, physical and social development of the child. Toys that encourage creativity and imagination in children usually are used over and over again.

Under the leadership of physical activity mother and father, to be done in their role modeling. So you do not have no physical activity, you can not expect your child to do so also. Going to the theater or the market, prefer walking through thick dressed in cool weather. leave your stroller at home, 3-4 years old children do not have time constraints choose to take a walk in your control. As you do your own sporting activities, you also give your child leave, necessarily does not have to participate, sit on the sidelines watching you even have a positive impact.

Safe play areas and found his way to kite here with you, bicycles, balls, take toys like scooters.

When choosing a toy for your child, always pay attention to the age for which it is recommended. Look for toys that go hand in hand with the interests and developmental level of the child. The right toy at the right time, enrich the gaming experience of the child and lay the foundation for learning.

A good toy is. . .

Suitable and safe to age, ability, and physical abilities of children
● Great texture and strong (break fond of things the kids)
● Attractive and interesting to get the child’s attention
● Incentive to creativity and imagination of children
● Lightweight pocket

Bicycles, scooters, go karts, tricycles, car battery pedal or vehicles are synonymous with fun for many children at the same time contributing to their motor development and promote your balance and orientation.

Scooting is a great way to perfect balance skills. If your child is three years of age, let him whiz around on a three-wheeled scooter. If your child is four years or over, a two-wheeled scooter makes a great present!

Kids Swivel Scooter

The scooter is the best vehicle to pick up the basics of safe driving!

Every child grows at their own speed and allow you the most suitable scooter to your little one!

This scooter for children is ideal for your child comes to you and have fun with their friends and can give fully entertained walks very carefully.

With these toys, your child will spend countless hours of fun with you and your little friends and especially for long since they are high-quality products. The steering system helps your child rides his scooter safer and those who spend days full of great fun.

A scooter with 5 or 6 wheels – And ‘almost goes without saying that the scooter must have 5 or 6 wheels. No child has the balance for a second scooter. Sturdy and stable wheels – For scooters that have features to make them robust, stable and safe. A wide base makes it easier for small balance. Two front wheels can help with the stable direction. A scooter that is low to the ground, it is easier for children to get on and off and tends to be more stable. Is it easy to drive the scooter? – Very often it’s worth reading the comments on the scooter that you will buy. Some scooters are reviewed fairly steep and difficult to manage for young users due to the motor being too safe.

This bike ride will become a firm friend for your child. it is a carefully designed the foot rest that does not just look pretty, but the ergonomic design with six wheels (4 wheels in front and 2 wheels in back) makes it particularly safe companion fun trips as well as internal and external. Thanks to six wheels are very stabilize because its light weight is easy to carry.

Adjustable – The handlebar of this scooter able to adjust so that the scooter will grow with your child.

Longevity – How long will the scooter? Many children scooters are designed to last for children up to 5, making it useful if you spend more money. Some of the features that can be tailored to the child’s growth so they can be used as they were initially until 5. Make sure the material is made of durable scooter and resistant to bumps and cracks.

Light – I personally prefer the scooter to be as light as possible. This makes it easy to carry when your baby has had enough. They can also take the scooter you to turn and maneuver. However, some prefer a heavy scooter because it seems more durable and rugged – so it does not depend on your preference.

The weight of this scooter is very much light i.e.,2.6 kg and it is manufactured for the of age 3 years and up.

The seat is designed to perfectly and comfortable for your child.


– It is a high quality and safe toys for children all ages- great for indoor or outdoor exercise.
– Its heavy duty design and materials allows for higher weight capacity.
– It is designed to stimulate children’s learning capabilities

No gears , batteries or pedals. Just steer and away you go.
– It is made with safe materials and tested.

– Comes in new color combinations.

– Durable polyurethane (rubber) wheels.

– Low-friction bearings.

The extra wide base for maximum stability four wheels in front for stable steering conical base creates a transparent rear wheel path covers soccer for safety. For the price, this is a great first scooter for children (especially good 3-5 years).

Dolphin Scooter Blue

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