The safety knowledge of scooter


Play scooter originated in the early 1960s in the United States by sea surfing evolved. relative to the surfing which restricted by  geography and climate, scooter clearly has  more degrees of freedom and formed their own language, techniques, dress style and music hobby. its feature is slide, does not constrained by the fixed pattern, the skater need to use their imagination, to create power in the process of  movement.

It is understood that scooters can improve heart and lung function, strengthen the leg and enhanced arms, also can stretch the leg ligaments effectively, promote bone growth and prevent waist and back from pain, can improve the balance and ability to respond, it is the best choice to train physical and skills. scooter is interesting, not limited by season and place and cost is small, therefore, not only particularly welcomed by the students, but also some adults like it.

Play scooter is very simple, no too difficult skills, as long as you are courage and do not afraid of fall, you can master the basic techniques and simple tricks a week ago. before play scooter,you need to learn slide, After mastering the basic movements, you can play all kinds of tricks.

Although play scooter is fun and exciting, but the player should pay special attention to safety, because the scooter body flexible, the player can easily lose balance and fall, regardless of the beginning player or an experienced “rider” should be in parks, squares and other flat, open, vehicles fewer places to play, and must wear gloves, wrist, elbow pads, knee pads, helmets and other protective gear.


The safety knowledge of playing scooter

  • Adjust the wheel to operate freely

  • locking nut to adjust elasticity of cushion

  • Regularly bearing grease to reduce sliding resistance

  • Beginners need the glide with a small inclination angle, and gradually shifted to different slopes

  • Do not slide on wet or rough surfaces

  • change parts should be the same size as the original parts

The equipment of scooter

  • helmet

A helmet with excellent quality  is your most important safety device, we are convinced that if you did not wear a helmet to ride a scooter, scratching sprain can be quickly restored, but the head injury will greatly affect your future life.

  • Shoe Care

It must be noted is that the shoes must wear durability while various parts must wear no discomfort. The vast majority of sports shoes are very suitable for scooters sport, sandals and heels not suitable for most scooters sports.

  • knee pad

For  knee pad,  the most significant invention is the plastic knee pads. In addition, there are many good effect of knee pads, wear any knee pads is better than not wearing knee pads.

  • gloves

There are many shapes and sizes of scooter gloves, some people in US and Japan use the motorcycle gloves instead of scooter gloves. and some use the gardening gloves, the best gloves are both suitable and can protect you from hurt

  • Wrist

Like the knee pad, with a plastic brim of wristbands is one of the best wrist, at the same time, there are a lot of the function of the substitute is the same.


Seven safety precautions of children scooters

  1. Scooters should be used in a  safe place, avoid using on the road as well as some unsafe area
  2. Always use safety products, such as sports shoes, helmets, wrist, etc., safety measures
  3. please do not use in poor night vision
  4. Children under the age of 8 use it must be protect with parents
  5. before play scooter must confirm screws and nuts are in good condition
  6.  when used to a certain extent replace new tires, so as to avoid tire wear causing brake failure;
  7. For safety sake can not arbitrarily change the configuration.

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